Dan's Fun Contra Adventure (by StudioHun) - Game Grumps Animated

Publisert 21. april. 2021
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  • Ahhh seeing all the designs I made animated brings me joy 💖

  • They gotta try out Hades, It's hard af too

  • I really want someone to make a point-counterpoint argument on Contra 3, using clips of Arin from Contra for the 'pro' side and clips of Arin from Sonic/Zelda games as the 'anti' side.

  • These animations are always a treat. Game grumps will always be the best. Love you grumpy bois :)

  • i loved Contra 3. i never played any of the other ones but 3 actually was pretty popular.

  • You guys need to play the new Super Mario 3D World DLC Bowser's Fury!

  • Play Sly Cooper series please!

  • thank you for not cutting to arin and dan sitting on the couch at any point

  • How gas everyone glossed over Dan calling Arin a fuckhead???! It's so iconic

  • Before playing it, Dan could certainly be forgiven for thinking Contra 3 was as beatable as Contra or Super C. All the agita after that was easily Arin's fault.

  • It’s always so wild to me seeing people who are like, “this game is impossible!” on a game that I’m like, “oh, wow, my brother and I would speedrun that game when we were like seven.” Hahahah

    • I ain’t even tryin’ to flex; some things are easier than others, just naturally to people. I never saw games like Contra 3 or Donkey Kong Country 2 as all that hard until LPs became a thing.

  • A calm arin and a angry dan is funny as hell cause every time arin trolls dan 🤣 😄

  • I remember this game well, never got past the third level. Great animation quality.

  • This is among my favourite 'style' of video game animates (even when not Grumps, such as Beard Bros.)... when you put the characters into real (ish) game scenes

  • Bro grab my hand

  • Dam zeeko lost it. Go back to the original style. A lot of the humor was in the animation style.

    • @Dan Gray Who's zeeeko?

    • @Studio Hun oh good cause this is bad. Zeeeko stuff is hilarious.

    • @Dan Gray You know he didn't make this, right?

    • @Studio Hun look him up he has game grumps on his page. Search zeeeko

    • Who's zeeko?

  • I play games on easy so I can enjoy them

  • "This is level one, fuckhead." Iconic.

  • this was crazy good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This episode really was a “hey I’m not so grump” “and I’m grump!” scenario

  • 0:56 when Dan just says "really arin" while he's missing his face is a mood

  • I realllllyyyy want a Game grumps animated but with Arina and Daniella instead

  • Contra III is an insanely hard game.

  • Not only did Dan get squished. He got the ultimate form of disrespect dropped directly on his face, and they call it "Tuesday"


  • cool

  • Dan is the tennis ball to my racket

  • 0:32 “I ain’t got NO LOVE for this game”

  • This was awesome lol

  • ahh this is a prime example of "Oh how the turns tabled."

  • Arin sounds like he's in denial over an abusive relationship "no no, it's fair, it's cool"

  • "This is level one, fuck head." Is so amusingly childish.

  • The thumbnail of this video led me to believe it would be a very different kind of video.

  • Dan just sucks

  • A rare angry Dan animation, I love it.

  • This was very nicely done

  • Dan threatening sass overload

  • This game is pretty hard though!

  • That was beautiful plus I love contra! I hate Contra 3 tho xD.

  • I am sorry, which one was not so grump?

  • 00:12 Shoocharu is that you?

  • OH MY GOSH I played this game all the time not kidding and others like it thx for showing it to me again

  • Arin's looking mighty fine.

  • Lol Dan just nonchalantly firing his rifle is so funny 🤣

  • You guys should do d&d

  • Arin's face at 0:28 is exactly how I felt watching this video.

  • That fire effect sent me back to StarFox64

  • Every chance to make a wolf job joke, and none were taken.

  • arin is super caked up in this A+

  • So VERY much to love about this animation but I'm gonna focus on the character design. I love that they mad Dan a 7 ft tall beanpole while Arin is shorter, jacked, and thicker than a Snicker.

  • Dan just gives off the "fine, but im gonna complain the whole time!" Vibe in this

  • Thumbnail got me thinking something suggestive was going down. Disappointed to find I was mistaken.

  • The worst part is there isn't actually infinite lives in level 3, it capped out for them. The struggle was real but the prize was fake. *sad trombone*

  • It's reverse grumps! Dan: Hey I'm grump! Arin: I'm not so grump!

  • One of my favorite episodes cause I hate Contra 3 too. lol

  • you guys should play everhood!!!

  • Arin playing Contra: It's awesome, it's just really hard! Arin playing literally any other game: THIS FUCKING SUCKS!!!

  • That dog lookback at the end, lmao

  • 0:43 If only you could have 30 lives in anything.

  • This is so funny cus contra fucking hurts my soul deeply

  • It's kinda trippy hearing Dan complain about how hard/stupid the game is while Arin insists that it's fun

  • this is how I feel about ghostrunner.

  • Well done but feel completely off without context or just watching a playthrough

  • I love all of the details this animation has from the game. Alien Wars was one of my favorites back on the SNES.

  • I love this. If Arin and Dan were in some sort of Captain N style cartoon series, that would be amazing.

  • Every time I hear “be de be de, boop, hahahaha” I get ✨Serotonin✨

  • Dan looks like an pencil and arin is jacked

  • Contra 3 is my favorite Contra. 👀

  • The level where you fucking ride on missiles and shoot a helicopter down on said missiles

  • This is gold.

  • i watched the series just to get this

  • Ah yes. Contra 3 was Dans Battle Kid.

  • Anyone else think those aliens look like Sangheili from Halo?

  • Proof that Dan can be so grump

  • When Dan has finally given up but arin having the time of his life

  • Oh. No eyebrow scar on Dan....

    • It was considered, but was a cut detail from the final thing due to the extra time it would have taken.

  • This game is awesome and Dan is wrong

  • Incredible work

  • oh wow, Dan was piiiiissed in this one lol

  • So pretty! The movement and expressions are lovely

  • Of the first 3 Contra games, Contra 3 is the easiest.

  • Okay Dan gets zero sympathy from me when he complains about difficult games WHEN HE HIMSELF BEAT MORROWIND ONE OF IF NOT THE MOST CONFUSING AND MIND BLOGGING ELDER SCROLLS! Him complaining abut difficult games is like LeBron James complaining about a basketball that bounces

  • I don't understand the appeal of Contra. I'm like Dan: it's so hard that it sucks all the fun out of it for me.

  • Dan "I'm not a sore loser" Avidan strikes again

  • Skeleton Dan got me

  • This Contra was insane! Even my 6 year old self thought this Contra was whacky. Like... like some kind of a parody of the real Contra

  • This time, Dan is grump and Arin is not so grump.

  • Dead sassy Dan is my new favourite Dan

  • Just realized, this was released on a Wednesday.

  • I have this idea where Dan plays a washed up version of Kenny Omega who gets abducted and thrown into intergalactic gladiatorial combat, and Arin plays a gel based alien who winds up with crappy fighters until the galaxy deemed Earth as advanced. Then he becomes Dan's handler. Like a Pokémon trainer. With Dan as his constantly dying star Pokémon. Kinda. Also, their names would Captain Motorcycle and his handler, Flurg Nurgle.

  • Damn, Dan sucks.

  • PANR has tuned in.

  • "This game suuuuucks"

  • i have never seen Dan so disappointed in my entire time watching game grumps

  • They should have animated the level where Aron and Dan met the terminator metal skeleton in the wall, while I was watching my older brother play this when I was 11 years old, that boss was iconic for me.

  • I felt what dan felt. Good animation man :p

  • Dan looking like Mick Foley.

  • For a sec I thought it meant a contra tuba. Marching band has corrupted my brain

  • Great animation, but I failed to see the set up and punch line of the segment. It’s just Dan complaining the whole time with no subversion or surprise.

  • noice