P is for PAIN - A Mario Maker Game Grumps Animated COLLAB!

Publisert 14. april. 2021
Original Episode ► nolong.info/show/ZdujhXtsndF3l6c/video.html
Animated by ► Sketchbrew
Subscribe to Sketchbrew ► nolong.info/window/vz8FK_Kw9a3E3vZBJb-gkg
0:00 by Waterdrain, VT, MoodSquidInk
0:35 by Alex Magna (APG), Guia Longasa, MoodsquidInk, CosmicPunked
1:04 by Alex Magna (APG) & Al Conteh
1:30 by Nic Touris
2:06 by Alex Magna (APG), Tony "Midtones", CosmicPunked
2:34 by Waterdrain, Emichen88, PowerAuerArt
3:03 by Alethea Van Holland, Meagan Joyce, PowerAuerArt
3:30 by Katrina E Kunstmann, 8-bit, Phil Kieffer
4:00 by Skullpiratemike, Nokkorone, CosmicPunked
4:30 Illustrations by Kim Cook, Alethea Van Holland, Angela Oddling
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Game Grumps are:
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Danny ► nolong.info
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  • Sad

  • Ah... sorry but shoocharu is so missed here :) but! All of them were great stuff i enjoyed it alot^^

  • Why does Dan look like a male version of lapis from Steven universe in all of the animations?

  • The first one reminds me of Steven Universe and I love it Not because of the style obviously but just the way it moves makes me think of it

  • 1:22 P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P PPPPPPPPP

  • 2:25 POG

  • They’re all amazing, but lemme tell you, the hand puppets made me cackle

  • I love when Arin rages so hard, he has a minor mental breakdown and goes completely off the rails. It's funny every time. 🤣

  • I’ve missed this level of Arin rage

  • Dan's the gamer hype man every man needs

  • How funny was it trying to draw Arin as a blob? I can just imagine the different possibilities that were made while trying to draw that 😂

  • You did this, Ross.

  • I love that they have the classic four finger cartoon hands, so Danny puts up both hands for 5

  • I want an undertale collab. Even if it's just the Sans fight. And if Temmie got involved... I'd be so happy

  • Southern comfort is actually one of my favorite whiskeys

  • *Ohhh, Microphone! OHHHH,MICROPHONE!*

  • This was so cute

  • Blue gets it I hate the music and it’s the reason why I rage so much, like it’s cool for a bit but it gets worse as time moves on

  • The puppet with the knife through it saying ‘I’m already’ brought me to tears so cute and funny!!

  • I want to see this shown to Japanese people/NOlongrs (hopefully with subtitles so they can at least understand the insanity) and know what they think.

  • “Higgledy fuckin piggledy” kills me every time

  • 0:47 I love that noise for some reason

  • 0:35 We all need a friend to build us up when we can’t pull ourselves back together.

  • 2:52 Scuttering spasm Arin is the funniest fucking shit I've seen 😂 just the whole nanosecond switch from "don't care 😎" to *P A N I C* is absolutely hysterical

  • “Who's Freddy Prince Jr” literally killed me

  • Arin going on a random rant is always the best part of his rages!

  • The sound of it!!!!

  • Hello, is it alright if I could animate one of your guys’ vids? If yes, plz reply and send me the link to the vid. 😋

  • Hearing Arin's mind crack and fall apart during this episode is so damn funny. I mean, I feel bad from him, but damn if it's not entertaining as hell X'D

  • Dan Salvato is a twisted human being.

  • Oh my shit, those puppets dude.

  • "ohhh HIGGLEDY F*CKIN PIGGLEDY" had me rolling

  • I watching this 40 time and still love it!

  • Who IS Freddy Prince JR

  • I think Arin's desperate, exhausted-sounding "Who's Freddie Prinze Jr.?" might be the best part of this rampage.

  • 0:35

  • I was actually upset when Arin said he didn't care, but he was instantly forgiven when he made little sad sounds. I prefer angry man over sad boy hours

  • I love that hand puppet one so much.

  • Is it just me or does Dan look like a Lapis from Steven universe?

  • everyones talking about battle kid but they forgot about... *「Unavoidable Chin Move」*

  • Much of Arin's pain is expressed in puppy-like whimpers.

  • Weird being all unfamiliar animators. Couldn't get into it. Gotta have a Sherbies or Shigloo at least.

  • You know it's a good one when there are two animated videos of the same exact video

  • This perfectlyyyyy expresses how chaotic they are

  • 0:46 Grumpio.exe has failed...

  • I want to give sad Arin a hug

  • this is one of my fav animations

  • Sad Arin makes me sad

  • Dan reminds me of Lapis in the first part!

  • I love all the animations to do with this clip, its such good audio for them to animate to!


  • *Release the Bees!*

  • I never thought that there might be multiple toadettes

  • Arin should play crash bandicoot😂

  • the firsr part gave me steven universe vibes, and i love it.

  • Don’t gimme that sassss!! Ooooooo microphone! Ooooo microphone!

  • Thirty apples? Twenty fiiiiive apples!

  • Holy backgrounds Batman!!

  • The hand puppets was fantastic

  • was that a cyberpunk song reference? we like the pain? we like to fuck? i get it. a cyberpunk song reference.

  • Insanity in a nutshell, Arin is the EMBODIMENT of insanity 😝😝😝❤️❤️❤️

  • It's always amazing to see these animators put the clips together in one little sketch like a mini episode

  • Oh my god, these are PRICELESS. Please keep doing more of these. I never realized how much I needed this in my life.

  • Thought this was Lapis and Spinel in Steven universe until I clicked, it’s still good

  • This is an amazing animation collab and one of the best freak outs EVER

  • I wish someone would call me 'Big Cat' the way Dan calls Arin 'Big Cat'

  • "why don't you lay down big cat I'm a little worried about ya" *chefs kiss* god I love Danny and angry boi Arin

  • 2:52 I absolutely love this look for Dan 😂

  • Someone needs to make subtitles for this. Because that would be freaking hilarious. XD

  • When you hear 2:03, you know it's about to go down.

  • My favorite parts of this breakdown are always "Jimmy's got back!" And "Dan? Who's Freddy Prince Jr?"

  • 2:36 This is PEEFECT

  • that was amazing

  • he is out of his mind!

  • OMG, not even half way through. I had a bad day. Now I've got the absolute giggles.

  • This made me so happy

  • This never fails to make me laugh my ass off

  • I like how Dan was arins therapist when the P's broke him

  • Silly boi... 🤣🤣🤣 "Who's Freddy Prince Junior?" I'm worries about myself after watching that!

  • Dear lord this is great!

  • The entire Waterdrain and Co section is incredibly funny

  • This is spectacular!

  • Lovely

  • Ross in the window at the end was a nice touch

  • I love how all the animators managed to animate my mental health so well!

  • Big cat loses one of his 9 lives

  • Aaaaaa

  • 0:24 Finally Liquid Game Grumps

  • Freaking Dan Salvato. Screwing with us by making "P is for Pain" and shortly afterword's making Doki Doki Literature Club. But it's okay. It gave us this animation, and it gave us Monika

  • 2:46 I love that Danny's desk has a name plaque that says, "Mr Sex Bang". lol

  • I think he losing his mind

  • The A on Arin's hat stands for "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH"

  • I love how effeminate some artist make and Depict Danny

  • In the first one Dan looks like Blue Diamond, if BD was in a hair metal band

  • Arin has officially gone double insane

  • Collabs need to happen more often. These are great!

  • I love how his face turns into a blob fish's

  • Danny putting up both hands to count to 5 because one hand only had 4 fingers is hilarious to me

  • I love the continuity between the “30 years experience” bit as Arin literally presenting a resume to a hiring manager and him shouting “No!” As security tries to escort him out. Genius

  • Truly the ramblings of a mad man