Getting Trained by THE ALGORITHM - Sonic Heroes

Publisert 2. mai. 2021
The Algorithm's here to PUMP UP your harmless tweet amongst friends! So many people are going to want to ruin your life! It's gonna be awesome.
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  • Remember when everything wasn't an ad? - This nostalgic thought was brought to you by Sprite.

  • Arin and his wack diet schemes is something I didn't miss hearing. Its always so toxic and unhealthy like yeah I'm gonna yo-yo diet as a competition between friends 😢

  • Bless you Danny

  • Wow, Dan digging up memories from my childhood watching Nickelodeon. Course I'm also a million years old like Dan...

  • I love Let's Game it Out! I'm so glad Dan knows about him and likes his videos as well. That's cool.

  • "There are a lot of ads that you didn't see..." And yet you cleared the one for Skilshare where you speak in baby talk

  • That's weird to hear cause it genuinely feels strange and so wrong when I have no facial hair...

  • I hate the NOlong algorithm because it constantly tries to show me Family Guy

  • This episode made me a little sad but also happy because I'm grateful that these conversations are happening. :)

  • Dan enjoys Josh from Let's Game It Out? I knew you were a man of quality, Darnold.

  • Danny's; call me your little lamb had me rolling

  • "A strange game, Professor; the only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?" -JOSHUA

  • i can’t even tell which one of these i’ve watched and which i haven’t- I am all over the place on this one

  • i love lets game it out

  • OH MY GOD I Love Let's Game It Out, Josh is great

  • hearing arin talking about not eating sugar after coming from Pokemon fire red is kinda a whirlwind

  • Welcome to another episode of "please just use the damn team blast".

  • At the same second as Arin said "imperative" @ i got a flashback to my youth as like a 10 year old who was listening to the star wars gangsta rap flash on repeat and I got a flashback from the part where Luke goes "Oww, you just sliced off my hand!" and Darth goes "It is imperative that you understand, I'm your father, I'm your father..." :D

  • 28:30 our future president people no more water only Gatorade for our people and our crops

  • Tron: Legacy BABY! its like my favorite film! xD "Its his game now, the only way to win is not to play!" - Kevin Flynn

  • You guys said some serious truth in this episode. Dropin the word on fools

  • I will say, if there is some solace to be had with the rise of social media, groups that were widely discriminated against finally have a voice and places to find communities that they just didn't have before. If I grew up as a trans woman where I am now without social media, I'd have practically no one to learn about that from, no one to talk to about it. I'd just have to repress that and try my best to conform to survive in a world where reaching out wasn't possible. For as much vitriol social media brings out in people, it also gives those who get shoved down in the real world a chance at lasting bonds.

  • Let'sGameItOut collab would be fucking amazing

  • There is NO human benefit from the existence of Twitter. It is either neutral or a detriment to society. I’m about half Dan’s age and I REFUSE to make a Facebook, Twitter or any other social garbage account. Good on him for doing the same.

  • Nice use of the Fiend

  • Opening that episode with Goof Troop is the best thing I’ve heard all day

  • youtube shows me 100 video's, i click on 3. that is somehow seen as their robot guessing right. its kinda garbage.

  • I'm 20 and I want to disband the US Military dan

  • As a mom of 4, one being 13, I'm seeing firsthand how it destroys their psyche. It's devastating and heartbreaking. Social media is so bad for our kids, and really even as an adult I feel it really affects us too. I got a Cameo from Dan and he told me "we are comparing our behind the scenes go other people's highlight reels, and the shit fucking hit me hard.

    • There are some cases where it can be beneficial, like when you find a group of people to enjoy something together (say a D&D group, a positive fanbase, or even something like this channel) or when you can connect with others on something that's judged harshly by peers irl (say not being gender conformative, not being straight, or just everyday struggles). But platforms that are completely public by default like Twitter aren't really conducive to that.

  • This episode reminds me of Greek Fire’s “A Real Life”: Which reminds of this cool, but unrelated to the theme of the song, cartoon called “Gilded Guy vs. Bog” by Gilded Guy:

  • Its funny how everyone is becoming more dark everyday because of this world thats why its so easy to be mean no one is tolerating shit anymore

  • Uh, as someone named Mary, I'll pass lol.

  • 18:06 oh shit Josh is blowin' up got a mention by the Grumps

  • WHen I listen to them talk about social media and stuff... (WHich is CLEARLY outside of their understanding.) All they are doing is projecting themselves. It's honestly exhausting


  • Josh (Let's Game It Out) is a huge fan of the game grumps. Back then when he started the channel with his buddy Anthony, you where a big influence to them! He mentioned the grumps many times in his twitch streams!

  • Arin straight up cheating the weight loss competition with adhd drugs...

  • I actually wish the US would disband the military

  • Hello A Strange Game.

  • I love the separation between free will and creation. I made something I use it, but now its taken things from me because of its use. Edit: my view point on the internet and what it has done to us, is show us the lack of responsibility we put on parents and humans in general and we are mad that we have to look at ourselves and do better.

  • Shout out to WarGames

  • I grew up on the internet when it first started. I had no friends outside of the internet. I am exactly what this episode describes. Bipolar, with no nuance, and 8 years deep into constant therapy and drugs.

  • Me watching: Team blast. Use the team blast. You've had the team blast forever. Just team blast. 🆃🅴🅰🅼 🅱🅻🅰🆂🆃.

  • It's also funny how those silicone valley supernerds don't seem to understand the world at all, til they've had a hand in changing how it works.

  • Funny how many human thoughts and behaviours are legitimately determined by algorithms now. Just kinda snuck up on us, didn't it?

  • Why do they keep talking about the last day of game grumps the last few weeks. It's not ending right?

  • Makes me happy that GameGrumps gave a shoutout to Josh at LGIO

  • "If we disband the military, we'll be bombed!" As though the US military isn't the single greatest source of death and destruction inflicted on countries all over the world. Sorry, 12-year-old Dan was a lot closer to being right on this one than present-day Dan.

    • I think you’re forgetting about Nazi Germany there bud

  • Arin needs to write a book as himself

  • Is it utterly impossible to hear like half of what Arin is saying or is it just me? Dan is loud as hell and Arin keeps getting super, super quiet.

  • I am proud that these conversations about children and media exposure are happening and that they're happening on air (from internet content creators no less). As an early childhood educator, I feel like it's so important..... ....but at the same time, as an educator, I'm damn exhausted, and hearing these talks makes my heart heavy with sadness that I come to NOlong to escape.

  • Danny I had a similar problem of my hair not growing past a certain length, but i was able to pass it by putting it in a protective hairstyle, braids in my case. It's possible that if you kept your hair plaited for awhile, it'd protect you just enough to grow the length you need.

  • Nooooo Danny will never cut his hair and game grumps will never end!

  • While talking about how algorithms take advantage of us, they tell us to put in comments so the algorithm can help them :P

  • I was hoping to skip thru the beard convo cause I didn’t wanna start acting like a stupid baby over the thought of my ex and his beard BUT IT NEVER STOPPED

  • 2:54 new ring tone

  • NOlong algorithm is literally just a rabbit hole now. You jump into one hole and it has different tunnels but your kind of stuck their until you find something else on your own. It also just randomly stops recommending certain channels and then starts recommending them again. And if it THINKS you will like a channel it will recommend the crap out of that channel, if you watch one video from it you can expect it to never go away. It's very strange, NOlong feels a lot more closed off than it used to be. Part of this is probably because there's so many more creators now, even ones with over a million subscribers. Edit: I have resorted to checking out some recommend videos in a private window because if I end up not liking it NOlong will recommend it to me anyway. Or maybe I just want to watch one video like that but not have 10 videos similar to it recommended to me every day.

  • Arin's quote was from Wargames starring a young Mathew Broderick

  • this is an important episode

  • pls honeycomb is the best cereal thanks for the representation dan

  • You cannot lose if you do not play.

  • Best sneeze at 2:50

  • You guys should watch call me kevin if you like game it out. Call me kevin is basically a irish version game it out and i think they know eachother

  • Arin saying he prefers a shaven look gives me further hope for him to one day be put in drag.

  • Hearing this resurfaced a saying I heard, possibly even from grumps before, but it’s “the internet should be used for utility, not a lifestyle.” Or something to the effect. I couldn’t agree more

  • I love the classic Nick jingle from Danny 😭 CLASSIC

  • The thing I find fascinating about your discussion about the NOlong Algorithm: I have a son that pretty much watches ANYTHING on the Tube' out there. He's responsible in part to us finding so many different Let's Plays, and countless Lego Damn Breech videos. Yes, I love my RedLetterMedia play throughs of the most hilarious bad B Movie reviews. But it's amazing that the curiosity of my kiddo is what has helped the family find so much out there outside the power of the algorithm dictating what we want to watch. Like, I knew Mark Rober existed. But now? I LOVE that channel. Because of child like curiosity wanting to explore the heft tome of videos before us. I will say this though: I put the kibosh on any attempts of my kid endlessly subscribing to "insert Fortnite channel name here" because wow... there are FAR too many. XD

  • Whoever gets dans wig takes over the show lol

  • me, watching this on a wednesday, realizing it's actually 4am on thursday... huh.. he's right.... o_O

  • lmao at Dan thinking that the US military actually prevents the US from being attacked.. somehow more stupid thinking than himself at 12

  • A legitimately engaging episode on why social media is wrong for children, and how the internet can ruin lives not gonna lie this one had me listening from start to finish, don’t get me wrong I absolutely love the funny side of grumps, which is the majority, but deep stuff like this really gets me thinking about shit

  • I need that sneeze to be a #GrumpClips​ 2:40 - 3:55

  • This sort of conversations are why i love game grumps 😊

  • Play Hamtaro Ham Ham Heartbreak! I think Dan would think its adorable.

  • There were at least THREE moment where Arin could've used a team blast but instead chose to fight things the hard way, ALL THE WHILE if he'd died at any point during any of them he'd be getting sent back a LONG way because of the lack of checkpoints in this stage, left me VERY tense during those moment, practically screaming "TEAM! BLAST!"

  • Feeling goooooood on a wednesdaaaaaaaaay - its wednesday for me atleast

  • If you're here watching Arin and Danny and feeling inspired then keep going grinding away! We are all in the same boat here looking for ways to help all our channels. keep up the good work and Never Give Up!

  • Dan might like CallMeKevin

  • The ADHD meds are making it so you aren’t hungry but you could be starving yourself. I take, similar if not the same, medication, please don’t get too competitive, and eat normally. - a concerned fan with ADHD P.S. it making you not hungry shouldn’t be a good thing, that is your body telling you it needs food. Please don’t make it look good.

  • literally watching this on a Wednesday Lol

  • 31:30 arin and Dan are so lost in conversation that they missed next time on game grumps.... not that I’m complaining 🤣😉🤷🏻‍♂️

  • if it helps it was wednesday when I watched this lol

  • oh my god, dan watches let's game it out XD

  • As someone who was on the internet way too young, kids shouldn't be on the internet without supervision, nor should the internet be tailored towards kids.

  • I'm happy to hear Let's Game It Out getting some shout outs.

  • I wonder if Arin watches the professor?

  • God this really makes me hate the world. It's such a horrible thing that the internet can be. Like you can't be centrist or you get ostracized because you don't conform to how most people perceive most others as simply good or bad. I stayed off of Social Media in High School and very quickly I was rarely included in conversations. The internet can be both good, but horrible for people, and it breaks my heart to know that there are more kids who are seen as worthless for not being involved in social media. I'm honestly really glad they talked so passionately about all this. I'm honestly happy that 2 of the people I look up to and respect see things in a similar way like me. I'm also glad to see other comments here agreeing as well. I'm glad I don't feel as alone on this anymore

  • Can't wait to see all the animated vids from this series

  • If I had a friend like Dan in my life I’d be much healthier.

  • LetsGameItOut is fucking amazing and I absolutely love his stuff.

  • I've noticed that in a lot of these more recent Grumps episodes you guys always find a way to go deeper into philosophy and the human condition. Nothing wrong with that, it just seems to be a rising pattern.

  • 15:00 honestly what is Arin talking about? Of course his beard is patchy

  • Arin is a really smart guy, but needs to stop recognizing 16 as some uneducated child. You're a sophomore/junior in high school by that age, saying stupid shit like that at that age is fully thought out by the person. I think that "uneducated child" phase ends around 10.

  • Let's Game It Out does streams now, and I'm fairly confident that in one of them he said he was a big fan of Game Grumps, you guys should crash a stream.

  • It's crazy but you CAN just delete all the social apps and call up a friend. You can put down the phone and go outside. If (the royal) you can't, then that's kind of a you thing. Or maybe the grumps can't because of how intertwined social media is with pushing their channel which is understandable. Also I totally agree on all the developmental stuff. I mean Myspace was a thing when I was in high school but there's a whole new generation of kids with easier and more consistent access to those things and, idk, who knows how that'll turn out. Anyway

  • As a trans kid I have to completely agree with them, I deleted twitter because of the harassment, and the constant negativity and horrible things I’m learning about my rights. I hate the people on the internet. But atleast game grumps always makes me feel good

  • I'm watching this on a Wednesday! *_Feeling gooooood, on a Wednesday!_*

  • Editor, are you forgetting to compress Arin's audio? It's so hard to hear sometimes when he talks quietly.

  • In middle school, I tripped on my backpack while getting on the bus. I landed on my butt and blurted out, "Ah jeez." About 40 of my peers laughed at me for a second, and they forgot about it almost immediately. I was mortified for _weeks,_ dude. I cannot imagine what I'd have gone through If 40,000,000 people were on that bus, making jokes and hi-fiving each other. Well, hold on -- 3/4's of the people would make the same joke, and every hi-five would devolve into a pissing contest about Ninja Turtles or whatever. I'd probably think I met 40,000,000 idiots.

  • I stopped shaving aalmost a year ago, evenally theres that much hair it cover patches.