Invest in #soniccoin before it's too late!!!! - Sonic Heroes

Publisert 23. april. 2021
The Grumps return to their old less-than-favorite, and get sent into a tailspin of existential despair.
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  • Arin, the flying characters throw fake rings as an attack after they've thrown the speed and power characters with thunder shoot. They also look a bit different if you compare the fake and real rings.

  • Can't believe no one made a "sonic the hedge fund" joke about sonicoin

  • I wonder when Arin will realise you need to press B to speed up, considering he didn’t pay attention to the tutorial

  • Sonic retires and becomes Sonic The Hedgefundmanager

  • The whole plot of Sonic Forces is Sonic loses.

  • Sfobub herors

  • All these sonic games are so badly made 😂

  • Sonic failed to keep Chaos from getting all of the emeralds in Sonic Adventure, which resulted in an entire city being destroyed. Sure, he defeated Chaos in the end, but at what cost?

  • "Sonic can never die" Arin if you'd just finish 06.....

  • 18:45 This might be Arin's most genuine "WOA, IM ACCIDENTALLY GONNA DO SOMETHING COOL AND NOT JUST UNFAIRLY DIE, THERE'S HOPE" shout. (fallowed by disappointment)

  • These guys forsee the future holy shit there might actually be a soniccoin

  • Oh my god... a Sonic dating sim? I would lose my shit.

  • Did you catch feelings? HE SAID THE THING

  • Bring back Alien Isolation and get Dan to play it please! 🙏🏻

  • 26:20 "what the fuck was I supposed to do" I dunno, in a game about moving forward and jumping... maybe you were supposed to not jump 🤷‍♂️

  • God dammit, the Randy, "give me the hoop tew goo awwwwn" bit gets me every time 😂

  • SONIC Coin just dropped Pancakeswap Address 0xb964A7DD39281a95786baFe6fc27C3952F06CCce

  • Sorry, Sonic would not have a cryptocurrency. He would have a Hedge fund.

  • 17:50 Let it be known Shadow started dabbing 15-20 years before it was cool

  • Existential dread and Nevada. Ah, those great Grumps memories.

  • I'm just coming back to this game after the Justice League episode to quote Arin: "Isn't this the level where i lost my mind. The second part but close Arin, nice prediction.

  • When arin is falling as shadow and gets really excited when he thinks he’s gonna land on the rail, that’s the emotion I miss the most

  • Christ man, you guys really aren't doing yourselves any favours with these stoopid episode titles and thumbnails. If your video looks like "pure YT advert trash" at a glance, people are gonna ignore you by default. Just ask Yo!videogames. Lol.

  • "He doesn't lose, Sonic doesn't lose!" Sonic Forces: Am I a joke to you!?

  • I hope Arin makes it to the Charmy part, before his head explodes I mean.

  • 17:58 I do that all the time too and I hate it

  • "when has sonic ever lost" *queue the beginning of Sonic forces*


  • In my best Bane voice: “You think chaos is your ally?! I was born in the chaos. Molded by it. You nearly adopted it!”

    • Also in my best robot voice: “you think chaos is your ally?! I was created in the chaos. AMAZON! Molded by it. ALSO AMAZON! You nearly adopted it! WITH AMAZON PRIIIIMMEE!”

  • i know I'm late but honestly i already miss there dating sim phase.

  • No, thank YOU for the weird dating sim kick.

  • Sonic Heroes noOOO

  • This episode made me giggly

  • Someone should animate arin talking about his dreams @17:00 it is so funny 🥺😂

    • and then when he gets excited when he is falling and thinks he can get back on to the rails

  • I never expected this video to be prophetic, and yet here we are

  • 27:15 really thought Danny was gonna say, "forget it Arin. It's Sonic town." I don't know why.

  • Hearing Arin talk about how he thinks of made-up scenarios in his head that upset him is TOO relatable.

  • Reminder that the computer that holds bitcoins is literally a huge earth pollutant and its not even a real currency so please don't invest in it

    • @Jenny Hughey I prefer to invest in rupees

    • Why would I invest in bitcoin when I can invest in sonicoin

  • Arin talking about Chaotix with Charmie... All I can think of is: Espio: Why the fuck am I connected to the Bee? jesus!

  • i kinda wish they went back to a simpler image for the video cover image, Sometimes i can't even tell its game grumps. maybe bring back the orange???

  • "Shadow can never die, that's not his thing." He literally dies in his first appearance

  • Who is Vex?

  • (Dan and Arin tell each other that they love one another) Suzy: what's going on in here?

  • these moronic fuckin titles make me not wanna watch these episodes

  • Sonic the Hedgefund

  • “You know what, life is so hard right now, I think I’m just going to try to go to sleep. And then when I wake up, there will be less life.” -Dan Avidan 2021

  • 13:46 Rouge fucking dies

  • I wish they still number the episodes. Finding my place is a bitch

  • There was something fitting about them talking about dreams that make you exhausted during this particular level which has the EXACT same feel as a long, complex dream where your brain is trying to figure stuff out all night and it just keeps going and going.

  • grumps casually predicting the sonic NFT

  • I mean, doge coin started out as a gag...I mean, if all 5 mil of us tried we could make sonicoin a thing and get rich XD

  • Arin: "Sonic never loses! He never dies!" Also Arin: *has literally played a Sonic game that starts out with Sonic losing and dying*

  • The answer to "When does Sonic ever lose canonically?" is Sonic Forces, where he loses in the first cutscene and everyone thinks he's dead for like half the game, lol

  • I think in the comics, Charmie is a Prince of the Bee People.

  • With Arin talking about those thoughts where you think about scenarios that aren’t real and getting upset over them, I have those thoughts every day. Especially the intrusive thoughts. Once they become regular thoughts in your mind, it’s like there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Shit sucks yo

  • "Sonic never loses"...didn't you guys play Sonic Forces?

  • arin: they need to bring back silver, man. silver is the best. me: gets flashbacks of "ITS NO USE!!"

  • Okay but has anyone made the sonicoin yet

  • Sega launching Sonic NFTs days after this episode releases... cursed


    • @Hi l’m Kk I'm no hero. I put my vest on one wing at a time

    • @Jenny Hughey you are my new favorite person

    • Ok


  • They joke about ending the show on a rage quit, but I've actually seen a ton of small channels do that. lol

  • Can we get a sonic unleashed spin off with shadow the werehog 😂😂😂

  • Day 251: Arin still hasn't figured out how to use the tornado move to flip turtles and blow off shields.

  • I mean sonic lost at the beginning of sonic forces

  • They should 10000% replay Sonic Boom and actually play the game how its supposed to be and be even more frustrated and confused on how shit it is.


  • I cant believe we are still in this fucking canyon cliff hellhole. After months we are still here

  • Arin's Knux Chaotix vid:

  • Piece was never an option

  • All this time and Arin still hasn't figured out the leveling system. This is starting to hurt physically.

    • @ShadowSliph Yes. You see thos little pegs below the character protraits? Those represent the characters levels and how much damage they do. The levels reset everytime you lose a life or start a new stage.

    • Wait, levelling system? There's a _levelling system_ in this?!

  • Dude, I played this game as a kid and had a lot of the same problems controlling the game that arin does, but seeing him do the exact opposite of the games intentions during the rail level repeatedly made me me personally love it even more

  • Speaking of dating sims, there's a character that looks to be very much inspired by Dan in the game Blush Blush, so... do with that what you will

  • 17:45

  • How is he 3 teams in and still playing this game as if its brand new to him

  • At 21:21 i screamed so hard at Arin poorly timing just EVERYTHING that i scared all the animals in my house.

  • guys. guys. no need to excuse yourselves for getting Pidgeonholed in another game

  • NO DON’T LISTEN TO THEM THERE IDIOTS sonic coin is gonna fall.

  • “shadow never dies, that’s not his thing.” DUDE SHADOW ALWAYS DIES. THAT’S ALWAYS HIS THING.

  • something about this makes me want to really see them play through the 2001 ratchet and clank game

  • watching Arin die trying to bash the shield robots with shadow, only to IMMEDIATELY start trying it again after respawning fucking killed me

  • With all these rage games I take time to revisit the grumps Zelda series

  • You know, it was over a year ago that the Grumps went back to daily uploads. I still really appreciate that. I hope they're not getting burnt out again. Thanks guys!

    • @ShadowSliph Hmmm...maybe I'm forgetting something, but I feel like there was a period of time where they only uploaded a few times a week, and stuff like clips and remixes and stuff filled the other days. In other words, the new episodes only showed up a few days a week. If I remember right, they changed to that schedule because they were getting a bit burnt out, and as a service to make people happier during the BSBRT, they went back to dailies.

    • They weren't uploading daily? I thought they were uploading like 3 a day back then?

  • They need to Finish Sonic 06. He does in that

  • Yo that happens to me all the time I gotta like breath and say this didn’t even happen

  • I wish my mom had chaos controlled when giving birth to me

  • The whole of Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Forces are about dealing with the aftermath of Sonic losing.

  • Looks like Arin has regressed in everything he's learned about this game and is trying to use Shadow as much as possible when really you should do the opposite. EDIT: Also he still doesn't know about the dummy rings. EDIT 2: I think he remembered about Shadow once he got into Rail Canyon. 😆

  • Dan telling Arin he loves him while Team Chaos gets shot out of a giant penile cannon at 200mph is quite a wholesome wave lol

  • 1:22 Omg I am watching this on a frickin Monday

  • Dan: arin, walk me through your process >arin proceeds to get the team blast from the balloon, despite already having one ready Nice

  • Turtle monk that warships the turtle God

  • “When has he (Sonic) ever lost?” Didn’t he get like fake murdered and tortured in Sonic Forces?

  • Arin loves Charmy. Because Charmy is a reminder of Buntd,

  • I mean, Sonic loses at the start of Sonic Forces

  • Sonic the Hedge-fund

  • Reminder Arin, that you're playing on Team Shadow which is Hard MOde!

  • I sometimes wonder if Arin is actually this bad at video games or if he's just messing around.

  • Being so stressed that you fall asleep is a real thing.

  • Watching this drunk is something special.