Colonic Heroes! - Sonic Heroes

Publisert 24. april. 2021
Would you get a colonic with sonic? I sure would, doggone it
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  • @26:34 this whole story made me piss myself laughing. Help.

  • 12:45 - Dan leaves reality

  • Aron for once making since as he hates his struggle.

  • Honestly people who do holistic shit are often crazy, not surprised somebody is screaming in agony in their house. Probably tried to drink bleach or something (which is a thing they do)

  • Thank you for suffering for my deep enjoyment, I needed this.

  • Wow, for the first time in years, the episode title is something that was said in the episode instead of a related funny bit or jokey clickbait. Nice.

  • "if you were to go to any other NOlongr, like Dodger..." Oh Arin, she hasn't done NOlong since before she even got pregnant, and has not done NOlong extra hard since she had her daughter.

  • I wanna find this video that Arin was talking about with the guy screaming in the background that sounds really funny

  • i hate the "previously on"

  • _Today's modders are tomorrow's developers!_

  • I still wonder how arin has played so much of this with out fully grasping some of the most basic mechanics of the game.

  • “ITS DETROIT BECOME CUMAN!” *This JUST in. Local man using internet actually dies of laughter. More at 11.*

  • I went to that steak house Arin talked about once when I was in college, what he forgot to talk about is that it's SO FUCKING EXPENSIVE! I had a steak and a soft drink and it cost $70+.

  • 19:40 Shadow: “Don’t fall.” (Shadow falls)

  • 22:04 lmfao what an absolute troll, pulling the switch underneath the crusher is to close the crusher AND IT KILLED OMEGA

  • For once, it's actually not clear what you should be doing half the time flying thru this game 😂

  • Arin come on all you needed was the flyi Ng character

  • Sonic the Hedge Fund

  • Here's something I wanna know: what do furries think about those hillbilly types you'll see in the news every now and then who like, legally marry goats and stuff? Is that like, living the dream? Or is it somehow too much? Where do you draw the bone-line? Is it only morally viable if it's a cartoon, or are the cartoons just a way to express your earthly desires?

    • @fuck google Of course they don't. They shag each other whilst dressed as animals. Or crank it to cartoon animals. Why ever would anybody think these things were related?

    • I'm...hoping this is a troll. Wow. Furries don't fuck animals, dude.

  • FoR tHe AlGoRiThM

  • *distant* aaaaaaAAAAAAHHHHHHHH

  • 29:26 Did Arin just say Roij the Bat ?

  • I desperately need to find that video Arin was talking about with the enema.

  • Shadow: "Dont fall". Both Shadow and Rouge fall to to their death.

  • Link to the colon video pls

  • Sonic is just Arin's "The Room"

  • 27:46

  • I burped at the same time Arin did around 10:00

  • Arin should know that a colonic and an enema are different. Not an expert, but a quick search shows many results explaining the difference

  • I love how Dan doesn't understand how telling the internet not to do something propagated the meteoric rise of him being called a furry

  • 25:20

  • I read the title as Cocaine Heroes!

  • 20:15 the fact that he called the happy trail the trail of tears amazing

  • Arin Hanson, best Sonic player around

  • I wonder if Arin will ever turn Krisp off in discord so they can hear each other scream instead of cutting out lol

  • It's hard for me to believe that Arin likes to play sonic games given how much they infuriate him.

  • 25:07 Dan: "Yeah, you need more than a massage, you need, like, a handy from a best friend" *Arin laughs, probably dies as a result* Dan, with an insinuating voice: "Wonder where you'll get one of those?"

  • 16:24 "You put that- You put that seed in the goddamn ground and you shit all over it cause that's fertilizer, baby."

  • Broke: Dan is a furry. Woke: Arin is a furry.

  • When Arin described the enima video he watched i was laughing so hard i started crying😂. No joke i litterally had a face like i was actually upset😭. 🎶Colonic Heros🎶 How would one find said video?

  • Im definitely like Arin that bad shit inspires me more than good shit cuz im like "fuck u i could do better". Growing up I always wanted to be a teacher cuz id get so frustrated with their teaching methods, I love redesigning characters, fuck I even thought about how to make Sonic Heroes trio formation to make more sense since Arin pointed out it didnt make sense for them to be able to keep up with the "fast" character

  • *Whenever Dan mentions loving Arin* Me: But wouldn't that make you guys...homies?

  • That enema scream is the most abrupt, absurd hilarious thing lmao

  • Yall ever get upsett that yall can't be upsett in the comments at an ad that appears before the video because its likely no one else saw it and nobody will know what you're talking about

  • 7:00 Rouge: “It’s all over if you fall.” Rouge & Shadow: *immediately fling themselves off the edge*

  • "NOT MY CUMIN" - Dan Avidan, 2021



  • When it comes down to games, I feel like I remember the games with bad design and glitches more than ones that are perfectly seamless. For instance, Outerworlds is a fun game and works perfectly, but I don't have anything to explain beyond what the game intends to provide. Similarly, Cyberpunk has problems, but I had fun running from the police when the car I summoned ran over a pedestrian to get to me.

  • Ah yes, Dodger; the only other NOlongr

  • The trail of tears getting more than one accidental shout out in this video is very strange.

  • Okay jokes aside, you would never use Cumin on Caprese salad. Listen to me boys. A good organic tomato, fresh mozz. Basil. A good quality olive oil. Absolute Heaven.

  • Sounds like Arin's never heard of a Cigar Member's Club listening to him talk about Pipes...

  • 4:30 arin talking about writing fanfic like that’s not exactly what he’s doing

  • ....they do realize the vaccine is out and you can still go outside and to places ......right ? i mean i know this was recorded in the past but how far back was this made ? there still acting like they dont leave there house XD which is very weird.

  • I love you, everyone enters, the remaining 20 people share with me, connect 10 thousand people, do not fall short with me.

  • 17:43 It's because that's just how Furries are. Take it from someone on the inside who _actually_ knows what furries are like in the real world. The furry fandom is the sweetest community in the world. We're all about love and hugs and absolutely no judgement. Because we fucking know what it's like to be blindly judged. I challange Dan to go to MFF, find a friend who will lend them a fursuit so nobody will recognize him and see what furries are like to stranger furries in a con setting. Obviously some people will be weird or inappropriate because well, thats life, but most of the time, people will be really sweet.

  • arin come on

  • Starbomb's next song: Colonic Heroes (The shitiest heroes)

  • How poetic, my Firefox crashed just before Arin got the checkpoint at 21:43.

  • 8:03 man that double 1-up

  • I miss Dan’s sonic fanfic story time

  • I wish the furry fandom was nice. They love to bully people too :(

  • Enemas actually feel great. Try it

  • thank you for reading out the part where you say colonic irrigation doesn't do anything. try not to spread pseudoscientific fake health practices; they literally kill people.

  • 4:25 the sound those switches make sounds exactly like plankton eating holographic meatloaf

  • Playing this game as a kid was so tough but dammit, it's hard to watch arin make this game so much harder than it needs to be. Like he tries to follow the suggestions for character usuage, but really, at this point, can we even trust the games suggestions when it's so badly broken?

  • UGHHGH...Clearly you have to use shadow or whatever!

  • I wish I could play for Arin.

  • The distant scream is definitely a rooster. Still funny as shit.

  • Haha welcome to hard mode

  • "YOU CANNOT LOOK AT THIS AND TELL ME THIS IS OKAY" Meanwhile, I literally was confused as hell as to how he didn't see that the rail was missing lmfao


  • I really wanna find that background scream arin was talking about

  • I know they're saying "Dan's a furry." but I hear. "Danza furry." And then I'm like, "When did Tony Danza get in the mix? "

  • I'm enjoying the Game Grunps My Love for Sonic Arc

  • Dan is such a furry!

  • Does anyone else really think that Aaron is more funny in the Power Hour than it does on the let's plays I disagree personally

  • In episode 2 of their Sonic Boom playthrough, "Caught in a Loop", at 4:32 Dan says he needs a sonic colonic. I guess we really are caught in a loop, a time loop.

  • 14:36 I love how, even though he's clearly upset with the game, Arin still can laugh at how absurd the game is.

  • Yuji Naka’s one button for everything philosophy showed its cracks all the way back here

  • Dan asking if they should pause the as a fan who watching 99% just to listen to Dan and Arin banter and 1% for the game...I couldn't care less what Arin is doing on screen lol.

  • Art imitates life and the other way around... Re: video games, I surely hope not because with Dark Souls or Breath of the Wild alone, we would be seriously screwed!

  • I predict that "cat coin" will become a crypto currency that'll come out within the next two years.

  • what is the enema video?

  • You Heard it here first, Aarin Hanson is the number one world champion of the sonic

  • I feel like the fact that you can play video games and still talk/make jokes is a sign of you being smart. Have any of you ever tried to have a deep conversation while playing a difficult game. I have and its reaaaly hard. I wasnt really able to do it.

  • Am I the only one who hears "Annihilate God!" or "I am your God!"?

  • The robot was trapped under the crusher that had the off switch under the crusher which made it crush EG4390543 infinitely.

  • Dan and Arin confirmed for furries

  • It's eerie for me listening to Danny talking about colonics after having just watched him play Leisure Suite Larry 6 on Steam Train where one of the first things that happens is Larry getting a colonic.

  • I have an uneasy feeling that I might be getting enema videos in my feed

  • Backstreet boys lockdowns only going to end when people stop doing what the left demands. They keep moving the goal post, because it gives them political power with people that believe them.

  • when arin said "MY CAPRESE SALAD" all my brain could think of was "ALWAYS STEALING MY REESES PEECIES" (fuk you jim)

  • You can't hurt the shield bots with shadows homing attack, you're basically hitting your head against a wall

  • I’m honestly surprised Dan didn’t bring up Leisure Suit Larry, because in one of the games, Larry is in a hotel/spa and can get a colonic from a hot lady or something

  • Arin: I don’t remember who was the one who told me this was a good take something that’s bad and then you rewrite it to be good” Me: *points to the Beatles “Hey Jude, take a sad song, and make it beeeetter”

  • It's called a happy trail oh my god don't say trail of tears


  • Arin: "I don't want to hear any justifications for this BULLSHIT!" also Arin: *dives head first into the same pit three times in a row and runs out of lives*