Best of Danganronpa - Game Grumps Compilations (Part 3)

Publisert 30. april. 2021
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Game Grumps are:
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  • Arin, man I love you but I still can't believe you got that far in the game without figuring out how to handle the truth bullets minigame.

  • Can you play DR2?

  • When you going play dangonrompa 2


  • Omgggg I really hope that they play DR2 and V3

  • Did anyone else like Junko the best in the beginning and then feel betrayed by the ending? Just me? ...ok

  • Oh good, half the views of part 2. This game is trash and was one of the most tedious playthroughs that even the grumps barely saved. Please never play another.

  • Bro post dangonronpa 2 already

  • I think it is time....for Dangonronpa 2!


  • Okay now I'm okay with watching the second one. So many funny moments. Thanks for editing it together like this ❤

  • If they thought this was good, then I can’t WAIT for SDR2!!! :D

  • Someone tell the grumps that they can now play the game as s dating sim in school mode

  • How did I forget these amazing lines? I just laughed hysterically all over again. "It's not like I think you're sweet and handsome." "Your kisses probably taste like strawberries.... I don't even care!"

  • can't wait for them to play Danganronpa 2! ^o^

  • Play part 2 already!!!

  • 2020 was Junko Enoshima's wet dream.

  • I know people have probably said stuff to this effect but I just wanna give my quick thoughts.... This series was so fun I finally decided to get the games and play DR2, which I've now finished. DR1 is a fun, flawed game with zany characters and murders, but even I don't think I could completely call it "good" as a "game." DR2 I am happy to call legitimately good, it's still got the fun and zany characters and even more wild murders, and it is so improved from the issues of DR1 that I can't see some of these running jokes applying to it. There's seriously like 80% less extraneous flashbacks, and MOST of the actual flashbacks ARE trying to highlight something new or get you to notice. The game piles on the absurd twists and turns and it feels more like you're along for the wild ride and it's intensely entertaining while also having real character arcs, and the main character is actually a character and not just a player insert. Also, it's a lot better at setting up hints about the bigger picture for the characters to think on. As a sequel it's just about perfect at expanding upon and improving the concepts of the original. So.... I hope that putting off the DR2 playthrough(understandably so) helps build a lot of hype, because I _absolutely_ want to see it through to the end. I think it says something that the game is super fresh in my mind and I'm already looking forward to experiencing it again. I hope it's far enough out that I'm reunited with my wife again after the BSB tour has trapped us in separate countries, and that we can watch it together. She got me into Grumps when we were last together, when the Phoenix Wright playthrough was going on. Which I also loved. Also looking forward to more Phoenix Wright. Longer story driven series is just my preference when it comes to this stuff. I can't wait until we can watch Grumps together in the same room again.

  • really wished they had gotten the bad ending on trial 5. would've loved to see their reaction to the picture at the end

  • I hope they play To The Moon sometime

  • God. This game is so mind-numbingly awful. I hope they play the next one. I'm sure the laughs will be endless.

  • Anyone else just happy to hear Arin laughing since Sonic heroes is breaking him

  • Romance girl

  • Wow

  • 23:58 and her shoes fell off

  • You guys are really milking these danganronpa compilations aren't ya?

  • “If you wanna earn our despair fair and square, go over there, you little bear.” I still believe that is one of the smoothest and greatest things Dan has ever said

  • I can just imagine Arin and Dan being trapped in a building Danganronpa-style and Arin just screaming “Dammmnit!”

  • need them to play the rest of the games like immediately

  • This game... is good, but it's so dumb

  • EVERYTHING YOU SAY TO (Makoto), brings him one step closer to the edge, AND HE'S ABOUT TO BREAK!

  • I fucking love that they added Sakura's "so in the end" at the end of this one.

  • “Is this the moment where we find out we weren’t the protagonist? Will we play as Kyoko now?” People who have played V3: ....about that-

  • Now it's time for Arin and Dan to go through despair ALL OVER AGAIN WITH DANGANRONPA 2 : THE ELECTRIC DING DONG BING BONGING!!

  • Genuine question-- did anyone else notice that Junko's bra looks the slightest bit blurred? I don't recall seeing it before, maybe my computer is just weird. Help me out!

  • Can´t believe that the "Well theoretically, if we all stab one person at the same time, we would need to kill only one person" quote didn´t make it into this series.

  • I can't wait until the play the second one

  • I just need them to finish the Danganronpa series and play any Persona game and then the grumps will have covered all of my favorite game series and I will be happy

  • pls play the next game

  • From someone who played the second game: there is - at least as far as I can remember - much less of this doubling down on stuff and repeating everything 17 times. It still happens of course but less extensively than here. Also the cases and whole story is even more crazy than this one so buckle up

  • Still sad they didn’t get the alternate ending

  • Bro why are they bring bleeped

  • recently started streaming dangan 2 and i absolutely love it already XD thanks for introducing me to the series grumps!!

  • I bet they are both gonna love Nekomaru in the second game

  • i want them to play SDR2 so fucking bad. i wanna see them experience Gundham.

  • Still bummed they forgot Dan was doing Junko's voice before. His was great

  • I don’t understand why they were so confused during Makoto’s execution.

  • Everyone talking bout the hype of the second game, while I’m just sitting here twiddling my little V3 thumbs

  • Man I miss this series, I desperately want them to play danganronpa 2. I love how much Dan is interested, it’s so fun.

    • @You are loved maybe, while Dan can enjoy the serious part of the game, Arin can enjoy the parts where it dont take it serious (Aka, 90% of it)

    • @You are loved Yeah honestly

    • I feel like when they play the second one Arin is going to enjoy it a lot more, the second one improves so much from the first one

  • I can't wait for Dan gone run' Pa 2

  • Imagine if they had seen the bad ending in trial 5

  • Man, I wish they'd come back for Super Danganronpa 2😔. Arin would love Nagito.


  • Please please please play Danganronpa 2!

  • I cannot simply wait for danganronpa 2, it's gonna be so much fun! XD

  • omg i just heard sakura at the end and im ;w;

  • 35:17 don't make jokes

  • So... Are we getting a danganronpa 2 playthrough?... Is it time?

  • My god play dangan 2

  • Now Arin, would dig despair girls, two might be a little dark for them, both deal with THAT character, so that might annoy Dan and arin dealing with HIM, then the third game has It's own special character that you wanna choke but also love at the same time.....if they continue the series that is...

  • Is that Ashley Burch?

  • "Together BNB" playthrough, good sirs??

  • This many best of’s shows how much people actually liked it compared to what arin says

  • Everything in the world either is or is not a cowboy and with Arin's shooting accuracy, I don't know what he is, but it isn't a cowboy.

  • Hey game grumps can you play danganronpa 2 please 🙏🙏🙏🥺🥺

  • Please guys, play nier automata!!!

  • Did anyone else get Arin Subway Rage déjà-vu when Dan said “more onions please!”

  • Mind if you can do the Danganronpa 2? Please? 😌

  • I hope they play the second game, third, and despair girls.

  • I swear this game is Dan's comedic peak 🤣

  • Danganronpa 2 please

  • Someone please, I just learned that many of the Miraculous Ladybug characters are voiced by Dangonropa voice actors. Cat Noir/Adrien is Makoto and now I think of Arin's anime protag voice playing Cat Noir.

  • The day I see Monomi or Hajime on a thumbnail, I'm gonna freak

  • Wait, if they had their memories, they wouldn't want to leave?

    • No! If they had their memories, they wouldnt want to leave.

  • I really hope they continue the series

  • The best part was 43:06.

  • Me: *in the process of re-watching the entire series* Also me: “ohhh a compilation!” *watches compilation* Also also me: *goes back to continue re-watching the series*

  • I really hope they play DR2 soon. It’s my 2nd favorite (next to the 3rd game) but has my favorite characters by far.

  • y know, this thumbnail is cute

  • 16:36 Just keeping this here fore Hope reasons

  • They seriously need to play the second game, I'd love to see their reactions to the other characters

    • @Clothed_Tigre Productions Oh yeah, I bet Arin will get a kick out of him because of the shit jokes but I really just want them to meet Ibuki and Chiaki since they're basically the female DR equivalents of the guys (Chiaki: Ultimate Gamer/Arin: Video Game Boy, Ibuki: Ultimate Musician/Danny: Rock star as Danny Sexbang)

    • I bet they will LOVE Nekomaru

  • I have become emotional invested in this game franchise and I want nothing more than to watch Arin and Dan play the rest of the games

  • this is my new favorite comfort series

  • i still can't believe dan guessed the entire plot

  • So excited for that Danganrompa 2 play through; I just wanna hear what kind of voice they do for the bunny! ...even though I know it’ll be the same voice they have for 90% of their lady characters 😂

    • @PurplePanda 8 true true

    • @You are loved That might be good, but Dan doing Monomi would make it easier when Monokuma and Monomi have their scenes together.

    • I saw someone say that Arin should do a girl version of his monokuma voice for monomi 😂

  • I still can't get over the fact that they forgot Danny did Junko's voice..

    • @Kierra Leonard Oh, I see what you're sayin'. Hahaha, but still she was imitating her sister's voice. 😅 Soooo... LOL

    • If you think about it, technically Dan did Mukuro’s voice so switching when Junko was revealed doesn’t matter too much

  • I wish so hard that they are gonna play dangan ronpa 2

  • MORE ONION PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • we probably won't get a dr2 let's play for quite some time but who do we think they'll get attached to most in that game

  • when r u goin to try suspects

  • The thing that made the Danganronpa playthrough so great was how Danny and Arin would make fun of the awful writing and character flaws at every turn.

    • I'm just looking forward to seeing them make fun of the awful writing in Persona 5 and Okami someday

  • God, please play the second one. This series was amazing, and the second one is even more buckwild.

  • Please play the second game!!!!

  • Watching this has made me realize I WOULD DIE FOR DANGANRONPA 2



  • So does the reception they get from these compilation videos factor into their willingness to play SDR2? Just think of the view money, boys. You'll be rich with despair.

  • You know damn well these guys will have a blast with Gundham's lines.

    • @jekblom123 Gundham Tanaka, he's one of the characters from Danganronpa 2

    • who?

    • I literally think about this every day. I can't wait.

    • @Linda Sierent THIS IS PERFECT-

    • i have this mental image of them getting increasingly more confused during Gundham's introduction until the hamsters pop up - then just silence for a few seconds and then a feeble ".... What?" from Dan while Arins giggling slowly grows in volume and turns hysterical

  • Why are you inconsistent with the titles tho?

  • ONLY 3K VIEWS!? hOW DAre YoU