Has Dan seen Arin's sack? Find out inside - Sonic Heroes

Publisert 29. april. 2021
One of the biggest mysteries in Game Grumps lore finally revealed.....
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  • When they were talking about early synthesized voices made me think, because it is literally just a bunch of sound waves but to think they had the technology to figure out how a machine will pronounce the "s" then the "a" in the word "sandwich" to make it sound like a word and not caca doo doo is actually pretty wild

  • the fucking airhorn censor for the word "nut" is killing me, I love it also my eyes went wide when Arin mentioned "Dr. Sbaitso" because that was supposedly the program used for SCP-079's voice in SCP Containment Breach.

  • 14:33 it will end only when it stops being useful.

  • I'm glad I'm not the only one that picks certain female characters in fighting games. Some people sometimes ask why I pick this character. It's because they're fast. That's usually the case with Mortal Kombat or DOA.

  • What are they talking about whatever this pandemic is and these vaccines are?

  • My place like that in Texas was was a small family owned pizza place. Can't remember the name but they had a whole arcade inside. this was in the early 90's. I remember the only reason the place shut down was because the owner died in a car accident and his family sold it. Was an amazing place and now that i remember it, i miss it so much.

  • okay, THIS is a good episode. I love when Dan tells stories about his life!

  • Dr. Sbaitso was so funny back in the day.

  • Little did Dan know his estimation of California was off by 5 times his number

  • One more time asking Grumps to play Street Fighter V Story Mode. It is RIDICULOUS.

  • It's crazy hearing Arin talk about the BSB tour. Cali handled it so poorly compared to states like Florida.

  • Vega was my favorite street fighter as well. And as for female perhaps Menat and Chun.

  • Danny, I am watching this video after the weekend of the NSP's very classy acoustic concert. Which I attended and enjoyed.

  • 17:00 I kinda hope it's more of a rejection of terrible attitude/ rudeness. Again I agree wishful thinking. But I'm sure anyone in retail or works on call centers would appreciate it if it did happen.

  • Oh my God I just got flooded with RJ Gators memories that place was bomb af

  • This feeling that Dan's talking about at 5:42, in Portuguese we call it "saudades", which is this mix of nostalgia, melancholy and happines at the same time. It hurts, but it is so good at the same time. I get what Dan was trying to describe.

  • Dan: there's like... 8 million people in California. That's a lot. Me: Um... yeah Dan... It's not 5 times that or anything lolol For real though, 39.5 million people in Cali. Yuck.

  • God damn it just as arin is coming tk the end of talking about his childhood memories he unlocked a load of me begging to go to the bowling alley so I could eat crappy food and play house of the dead

  • "You seem like a complicated man *Dan, I would love to do mushrooms with you sometime."

  • Arin and Dan: gee, we sure miss ppl Me working essential retail: no you don't

  • I'm just gonna say it, not a huge fan of the "previously on" segments. It's like Netflix, I'm just gonna skip it. Also, putting the episode number in the title or thumbnail was super helpful. Otherwise, keep it up boys! You two rock!

  • The pandemic hasn't effected me in anyway, I still go out and do stuff. My life hasn't changed at all, and I can certainly guarantee you that I'm not gonna get "PTSD" from this, cause unlike them I actually went outside and didn't stay locked up having a panic attack over something that wasn't even that bad.

  • Sick, Danny and I have the same mains in Street Fighter lol

  • As a Floridian, listening to Arin reminisce about RJ Gator's is so validating.

  • The amount Dan got wrong California's population. It's 40 million, not 8 million. California isn't Arizona!

  • Oh man if only there was a character who is best at combat and is stronger than the other 2.

  • Man, Danny's Pacman story reminds me of this bar & grill my parents used to take me to that had an arcade cabinet of Super Mario Bros. Which blew my mind as a kid cause I had never heard of it in an arcade cabinet & it was actual Super Mario & not just Mario Bros.

  • I just realised that the floor has lil skulls that dissapear near you at 25:51

  • Dan: " I remember how good the turkey sandwich tasted after that" Me: Your food tastes better when you accomplish things?

  • I like it when the guys just chat, the awful games are just background.

  • I don't know why they decided to call it the Backstreet Boys tour or why Arin actually LIKES sonic beyond the 2-D sega games and I don't really care.

  • all I could do is say. "The same room, the same room, the same room." He finally catches up to where he died before and wham. LOL It's the Game Grumps. See you tomorrow.

  • Amazing. You guys did two episodes on this level, and game-overed at the same spot.

  • When they mentioned bears at the end, I couldn't help thinking *JIMMY, TAKE THE SHOT!*

  • Dan I believe the term you’re looking for is a proustian moment

  • As somebody who has had covid I truly do not understand what all the fuss is about. I spent a week at home with an anti biotic inhaler that I used a few times a day and all was fine

  • I'm pretty sure that when I die that 80% of the times I will have heard the word 'ANNIHILATION' will be from this playthrough

  • 9:10 : LOL, if you ever owned a Soundblaster card from the early 90:ies (the original one, v2.0, Soundblaster Pro etc) you had Dr. Sbaitso :D. So fucking funny. Primitive AI + voice synthesis. Pretty nostalgic for plenty of people of that time I'm sure :).

  • Dan talking about that sensation of memories rushing back and then Arin mentions Dr Sbaitso, and I got that exact experience

  • ROARING 2020'S!!!!

  • nothing hits different then arin having a deep talk, makes me feel like I'm back in college hot boxing with my friends and just talking about L I F E

  • give the fans what they want... Another playthrough of Shadow the hedgehog with a different path.

  • Dan, there’s 7 million people in New York City alone.

  • Got my 1st Pfizer shot 2 weeks ago, my mom and I were the only one's getting it on a Saturday afternoon in Stockton, CA so people dont seem to be rushing

  • 8 million in the state? California's around 40 million.

  • Dan mentioning the Pac Man table at the restaurant just unlocked memories of me pretending to play the same table at a Pizza Hut every time we went.


  • NSP and GG fan here! got ticket, will watch! This is great though, I'll get to see a concert without waiting and hoping for one to come all the way down to Tassie ha hah also, hot damn the music in this game is BOPPIN at times

  • DR SBAITSO!? Oh man, that was the best! I remember that program came included in my 8 bit Sound Blaster card that was part of my 286 mhz PC. 🤓

  • After watching all of the sonic heroes series it’s made me want give it another go. I must be crazy! But I’m start with Amy cream etc lol

  • See when Dan was speaking about talking with his Grandma and he said about speaking with someone about stuff just reminds you of entire sections of childhood? I get that from replaying old video games or listening to old bands. It floods in like a fricken slideshow. Pretty neat

  • "A revolution of kindness" oh sweet sweet Dan. Most of the rest of the nation are already out and about like nothing happened, and they're shittier and more entitled than ever.

  • imagine not actually seeing your parents or getting a haircut for the last year and a half, california is weird

  • Suddenly recalling really old memories seems like an Alzheimer's thing.

  • Hearing you talking about childhood memories and family made me think of all the good times I hade with my grandpa. So now I'm looking at tattoo's for inspiration to honor his memory.

  • 8 million people in california? Danny its closer to 40 million lol

  • Just saw it on the yt feed, but would another space quest work with wfh? would it be seen... ?... only questions...

  • 14:17 There are 8 million people in the Los Angeles area alone, there are 40 million people in California

  • I think this might be the first time I've watched a video where the last two minuets are funnier than the rest of the video.

  • It took Arin three times to realize that he shouldn’t use the team blast on the solo enemy right before he faced that same enemy plus 4 smaller enemies. Just incredibly quick critical thinking

  • I love to backseat game and tell arin how to beat the hammer guys, but I have no clue myself honestly.

  • You people in California lead some depressing ass lives

  • I’m in restaurants and i can tell you for certain... WE ALL NEED A BREAK

  • Dan, i love you! You reminded me of the the first time i played ninja turtle s arcade so dope

  • Arin and Danny talking about how the whole world will have like collective PTSD from the Backstreet Boys Reunion Tour; I have to say I agree. I've always disliked crowds, but I've gotten so used to not being around people that now a crowd legitimately makes me very anxious. I ended up having a small panic attack just the other day because I was in a crowd of like 25 people. Once I got outside, the relief was so strong I actually cried a little. It's WILD, man. I don't know how I'm going to deal when my job opens the lobby back up and I'll be forced to be near a bunch of others 😬

  • Talking about missing memories...this brought me back to a place in Wilmington DE called Kahunaville. Spent many a quarters there, and a lot of fond memories of spending time with my grandfather.


  • Heyyyy, political activism and actively insulting the audience! That's exactly what I want in the video game show I watch to escape the world that's already too filled with politics.

  • We all do need a damn holiday but especially the hospital staff, grocery workers, postmen/women/people, couriers, garbage truck workers and charity workers that have had to be out on the street day in day out

  • Arin... some days I just want to shake you and say stop talking and concentrate. I get it, you’re running a show, but 30 seconds of silence goes a long way in progressing lol

    • It’s like Ross’s Mario levels all over... Just Concentrate on the hard moment :P


  • 18:35 You can just say Fresno. It’s Fresno you want to drive to

  • Hearing Dan say he's going to be in the mountains eating bears, makes me remember he once said he started referring to taking a shit as making bears.

  • Arin has actually gotten better at the game- This level is an incredible showcase of his new high points, though that one fight brought back some of the much-missed anxiety. Well done overall!

  • So uh, my state is approching 60% of the population vaccinated and it visibly hasnt effected the chart of new cases per day or deaths per day. So yknow. Not sure how high that percentage needs to get before we all collectively accept that they arent doing anything.

  • there's a restaurant in upper michigan that I go to sometimes on my way back from my grandma's, it's a bar called talley's, and it's got one of those pac man machines, it's cool

  • I love how don’t know why Dan talks about having to go to the mountains to eat bears when he makes them all the time...

  • Since Dan has seen Arins sack, does this mean hes now an official member of the D club?

  • They're gonna be so goddamn excited when they get to the part with Team Chaotix beating the shit out of Eggman like a bunch of crooked loan sharks!

  • I love how they're talking so excitedly about the vaccine! I just got my 2nd shot today and I can't wait till all this is behind us!

  • 2:50 I love how Arin is getting upset over the game telling about the switch multiple times 😂 If only he knew he missed SO many things because they were only taught once... (like how you can dash in the special stages... will he ever learn?)

  • Need to make a multiplayer Sonic game so Dan can kill Arin a lot more.

  • It's somewhat alarming to realize that Dan's grandma is the same age as mine, yet he's 42 and I'm 21.

  • *2:23** WHAT!? WHAT HIT YOU THERE!? That's never happened to me!*

  • 14:07 8 million people in the state? there's like 35 million people in california.

  • Watch this at 2x, Dan talks like Obama during his pauses.

  • OMG i got Dr. Sbaitso when i got my first sound blaster card. That was such a blast. I remember the first game we played with that sound blaster was Police Quest 2 and the music blew us away at the time!

  • Kinda painful that Arin just spams the attack button which is like half the reason he falls off a ledge while fighting robots or whatever

  • everyone didn't go through the same thing because a lot of people didn't let a 99% survival rate scare them into letting the government overstep their authority.

  • Good conversations. Thanks for this. I hope we get a revolution of kindness as well.

  • RJ Gator's is still in florida. Some still have a small arcade.

  • I vastly underestimated the amount of people who stayed inside almost the entire backstreet boys tour. I mean I didnt hang out with people or go to resturants but I still had to work and school and everything. I always masked up and like triple washed everything but some people legit went into bunker mode huh

  • so weird to hear arin talking about rj gators because i grew up going there too. so much time spent in their arcade. got pied in the face on my 9th bday there. good times

  • Every time one of the doors open it sounds so similar to the Hearthstone "match found" noise it gets me every time

  • I’m a high schooler in Idaho where there happens to be a lot of antivaxxers. Guys. Yesterday I went to my car to get lunch right? THE ANTIVAXXERS PUT A LITTLE PAGE IN EVERYONES WINDSHIELD WIPERS TELLING US “say nope to the poke” AND WAS LIKE “YOULL GET BRAIN DAMAGE AND DIE” 1) I couldn’t fcking believe it 2) who did this 3) I was wheezing So I gave it to my friend and she gave it to her mom who has cancer (they had to get the shot yesterday) and was like “you’re going to get Cancer 2” Like I’m just in awe man. Get the poke.

  • At the end was Dan referring to the animal or is he planning on eat Arin's shit?

  • The parts where they’re grinding on the rails through the cave systems reminds me of the scene in the original Disney’s Aladdin when he’s riding the magic carpet trying to escape the Cave of Wonders.

  • In this episode half the gameplay footage is missing, they deleted every second video frame. potato carrot fruit cake

  • Game overed in the same place twice. What rotten luck...

  • You say Assholes, I say free thinkers, who don't blindly believe what they're told by "reporters" and "scientists," but do come to their own conclusions based on the actual facts & science