Sonic Heroes briefly becomes a Zelda game - Sonic Heroes

Publisert 28. april. 2021
I just pictured Sonic dressed up as an elf wearing Link's clothing and.... do NOT get me started!!!
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  • Resident evil 7 Biohazard VR had a of views but they never finished the series! I would love it if they finished that game, or at least try another VR horror game


  • If they like cute skeletons and lots of flavor they would love MediEvil.

  • I love watching these all in succession forgeting they have time in between episodes, it's like they have amnesia

  • I would love to watch you guys finish Dark Souls Remastered, just saying

  • Little world changing effects are great. I remember the Moon in the Tick cartoon.

  • 2:42

  • Gotta say, I did NOT expect them to be talking about trauma center, like... ever again 😂😂

  • nooooo i loved hatoful boyfriend, its so sad it didnt get the views

  • Guys, are you okay? Arin said "horror" and you didn't discuss how Dan says "hahrr" and Arin says "whore"...

  • About zelda, there has GOT to be a happy medium between "stumbling blindly through the game and getting nowhere" and "already beat the game and just going through the motions"

  • I love how Sonic Heroes, one of the most casual games ever, gives Arin the need to cool down every now and then.

  • It makes me happy him mentioning the giant snail in the frost islands! All of the maps have one rare endemic life that are special, the snail in the ocean, a phoenix in the volcano, a roc in the desert, a quetzalcoatl in the forest and a kitsune in the ruins! They all spawn at special times and I'm glad he found out about them cause they're cute as hell

  • I really hope the next time they get together Dan gets his dingdang kiss on the cheek he won and traded for squarely in Monopoly.

  • You guys should play Nintendo land again

  • Hotto Dogu by heiakim on Apple Music

  • As soon as he said ripped Tommy Wiseau I knew it was Type O negative

  • Cant retire until you redo sonic 06

  • 22:10 Arin finally acknowledges how to fight enemies that have shields. It only took him hours of button mashing to figure it out.

  • omg,...... my favorite thing about these sonic games is the intro, when danny says " sonic heros.. nOOO!!!!!" fuckin so funny, always makes me laugh


  • Dan: "I wanna tie up all the loose ends." Me: OMG SECRET OF MANA PLZ Also, really looking forward to Link's Awakening.

  • I’m just realizing that the same woman who voices Rouge in Sonic Heroes is also Nancy Drew

  • Huge MH fan so I ain't tryna diss, but nothing but polish? Brah there's so many typos and glitches in Rise alone it's insane lol Typos could just be the English version but holy shit dood

  • I love the piano banging as a curse censor.

  • "we'll tie up loose ends and finish games we haven't finished eventually, a lot of things we just stopped playing because people weren't interested in it" *stares at Pokemon Sun and presses X to doubt*

  • Honestly when you stopped playing Hollow Knight, a light inside me went out. Just want you to know that, since you mentioned unfinished series.

  • I would love to see them play Deadly Premonition to the end. But that's not gonna happen.

  • Holy crap, I am so freaking stoked that they'll be playing Link's Awakening! The HD remake is so adorable.

  • Now I finally have to finish link's awakening or I never will after watching them play

  • Switches to rouge which he didn’t do before* “I didn’t do anything different” -_- sure

  • As far as Trauma Center goes, I wouldn't be judgemental if Arin switched the difficulty from Normal to Easy. I believe there was an easy, since Dan accidentally toggled it to hard at one point.

  • Oh, I just realized, those random dead-ends are paths that other characters took. So instead of making a whole new level, they just cut off that path in some stupid way and send this team off in a different direction. Makes sense, still poorly impemented

  • The only reason I haven't started watching their Hatoful boyfriend playthrough is bc I wanted to catch up on the Sonic Heroes playthrough first and now I regret everything.

  • I would watch the fuck out of a return to trauma center.

  • Please, please, PLEASE finish trauma center. That was one of the first series that I started waiting for daily uploads on

  • man, would be funny if they re-played Deadly Creatures, that was a fucking hillarious series

  • If I have to watch Arin attack a shield robot with a speed character over and over and over one more time, I will go insane.

  • There's still another Ace Attorney case, you should play it!

  • Will arin ever learn not to use shadow?

  • There really is nothing like Dan making a suggestion for what to do, Arin dismissing him out of hand, and then 10 seconds later he tries it and it helps them progress.

  • jackal? I'm still waiting for Wacky Golf

  • Pour one out for hatoful boyfriend 😭

  • nut-hymen sounds like a punk rock band from the late 80s

  • speaking of small things.....did you know if you look at Rouge in first person, she winks at you

  • “Danny and Arnold” makes me laugh EVERY TIME!

  • Hear me out but....Battle Kid completion...

  • So sad that more people aren’t interested in Hatoful Boyfriend :( it’s one of my favorites

  • dan im sorry we'll watch hatoful boyfriend

  • I am totally down for watching more Hatoful Boyfriend. 100% down.

  • Why does Dan sound like Ding Dong

  • Am I a jar? Am I a jar? I'm not a jar I'm not a jar! Glad that little bit resolved.

  • Shenmue on the list?

  • @25:08 "Breaking my nut hymen" is the moment I learned that I shouldn't drink lemonade in front of my computer while watching Game Grumps.

  • I never watched the crisis center playthrough, but I quote C...for cranberries daily.

  • FoR tHe AlGoRiThM

  • the only real tip i can think of for Dan's return to "Punch-Out!!", especially hard mode, is to just read up on the "secret" instant knockout requirements. for starters it gives you a goal to aim for instead of just trying to hold out for as long as you can, secondly its not exactly a cake-walk to do as you still need to survive in general. at least thats what i think he should do. final Sandman is still a challenge all its own though no matter what, i recall when i first fought him: i didnt even see him punch me!

  • Man... I never thought of NOlong views related to erections before. Thanks for that

  • I hope that one day they get Obama on for guest grumps. And hour of 3 Obamas talking together would be gold

  • I watch last time on game grumps specifically for the scene transitions

  • The voice of Rouge the Bat is also the voice of Nancy Drew. Edit: And a few of the ladies from Leisure Suit Larry MCL

  • I want the boys to play American McGee's Alice so bad

  • Honestly, sample the robot that you play as, and mix into a Starbomb song

  • The idea of them in the same room again brings me all kids of joy 🥰

  • He did do something different he switched to rogue lmao.

  • you need to get to macs last stand mode (the third round) which its a mode where you have 3 lives and if you lose all of them the game ends but if you keep playing the mode randomly you will encounter donkey kong

  • "When you make it rain, or when someone makes it rain in a club" That was the whitest thing I've ever heard. Danny is adorable. Also they're gonna play Link's Awakening AGAIN? For fucks sake. When are they gonna play a game that isn't complete trash or one they haven't already done before. Its kinda why I've never subbed to this channel. Still salty that they didn't go past 4 damn episodes of Hollow Knight. That was so fucking lame

  • It's just in, Peter Steele looks like Tommy Wisau.

  • Finish that one scooby do game. Also wtf please go back to Hatoful that's my favourite visual novel of all time.

  • it would be nice if you made a "reaction video "reading the list of your unfinished games together, commenting the reasons that made you stop playing them, Chill content o/ :)

  • WHAT. PEOPLE WERENT INTO HATOFUL BOYFRIEND???? Omf pls it’s so good. I need more

  • Battle kid

  • I'd love to see you guys finish Hollow Knight! I love that game so much and it meant so much to me seeing you guys play it cuz noone else plays it 😭

  • Wait, why are they censored now the fuck 🤣

  • Finish sonic 06 ....

  • Slightly off but you're right that defeating certain Mega Man X stages in a certain order leads to changes. It's Storm Eagle's stage that tends to affect everything else. Beating that one drops his airship down on Mandrill's Power Plant Stage, causing intermittent blackouts throughout the stage (you even see the Airship beginning to plummet when you beat him). That causes the Smelting Plant to lose power (so no machinery is running, thus no molten scrap at the bottom of the stage). And I believe its beating the Octopus' stage that causes Sting Chameleon's stage to flood (leaving a few shallow pools of water in the beginning of the stage and flooding the secret cavern allowing you to get the Heart Tank).

  • My dad was friends with Peter Steele before he died!

  • imagine someone looking through the gamegrumps catalogue and trying to figure out why the hell half the thumbnails have Obama in them

  • JACKAL!! I’ll be there

  • I love that Danny practices games when he plays them for the show. It's a nice difference in flavor after Arin playing most of the time.

  • Don't try to finish Battle Kid. Never play that again. It's better that way.

  • Obama: "Use the bed, idiot."

  • Sonic, Link AND Obama in the thumbnail? This one's gonna be a doozy

  • I thought they already finished trauma center? Which parts haven’t they done yet?

  • Dear thumbnail artist...There already is a render of Sonic as Link from Sonic Lost World

  • What about Battle Kid!?

  • I fucking hate the editing in these

  • “Do you wanna spend time killing wizards? I don’t” is the new “What am I willing to put up with today?”

  • Hang castle on team dark is what made me quit the game as a kid

  • Ah 4:00AM, time to pass out while listening to a grump and to a not so grump play sonic hero’s with Obama

  • No more hatofull goodness? This is sad

  • For unfinished games, you still have BOTW DLC, BOTW is one of my favourite playthroughs from you guys! So funny

  • Most clubs won't let you come in with just ones. Also I'm pretty sure arin talking in that "japanese accent" could be considered racist.

  • I think Arin is starting to accept the craziness of this game, at least to some existent.

  • When is he gonna start using the robot to kill the enemies instead of aimlessly jumping at them with shadow?

  • Come on guys, we all know that the Wacky Golf episode told us that that grumps retire in 2022 because of that game. Lmao

  • Whatever you guys decide to start back up again, it's probably going to get fans to go back and watch the older stuff.

  • Still never finished Shadow the Hedgehog or Sonic Adventure 2 battle

  • I want them to play me legendary edition when it comes out. I think they would really get a kick out of that series. And arin would love all of the wifus and husbandos in it

  • I feel like Dan would get a kick out of this: