Halcyon Days of ACTION PARK with Dan - Sonic Heroes

Publisert 27. april. 2021
The magical time when it was a badge of honor to get seriously injured on a poorly designed water attraction.
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  • When Dan talks about action park all I can think of is the movie action point which feels like it's basically telling the story of the same park but with a different name

  • What in the hell is a "stone louge?" Loosh? Lougue? Lewsh? I have no idea how to spell this or even search for it online.

  • This game sucks

  • Dan is more hesitant to spoil Chop Chop than he is for Doki Doki Literature Club

  • For the Love of All That is mighty please hit B in the special stage

  • Not as much singing anymore, so less remixes.

  • Dan!! As a dancer at a smaller club, 1's are usually what's used to make it rain. In bigger/ high profile clubs, bigger bills are typically used. When you're hearing music about making it rain tho, they're talking about stacks of 100s! I have no idea if u wanted an answer, but I do have one! You both are awesome!

  • "EGGMAN'S ROBOTS MUST BE ELIMINATED" Do I have to murder this robot? I don't understand

  • 23:20 Arin: Can I just recap what just happened Shadow in midair: It was at that precise moment that Arin realised - he fucked up! Arin: Actually one of my teammates killed the robot I was supposed to use as a platform (Short realisation fills Shadow's face and then glares at E123 Omega) Shadow: OH YOU MOTH- (Arin unpauses and Shadow falls to his death)

  • You can tell Dan is getting old when he starts remembering fondly the about a park where young children INCLUDING himself would get horribly injured regularly. Sorry Jersey, but good riddance to that place.

  • This game sucks I will not be convinced otherwise

  • Doesn't "do your best" in Japan mean be absolutely perfect until you turn into a burnout?

  • Curious to see how Sonic folks will somehow defend 23:13 with the most asinine logic imaginable.

  • I swear to god at this point Arin is not using the boost in special stages on purpose, just to piss us off. No human being on this planet is that oblivious this long.

  • I love how shadow said chaos control and then the video decided to complete freeze and I had to reload the app. Made a potentially frustrating NOlong/phone issue into something funny. Thanks Shadow

  • i remember the first time arin did the alligator section, he frcikin nailed it. it was incredible

  • "It was basically like if someone in their backward had unlimited money to just create a theme park, and was like 'oh this would be fun'" Action Park founded by Phineas & Ferb confirmed guys

  • Closest I ever came to dying was in a wave pool when I was like 6. Those things are majorly uncool. Everything went all slow and distorted. Coughed up blood'n'stuff. Course the lifeguard didn't notice, he was busy leching at little girls. Everything at a water park is a drag, and people who enjoy them seem crazy to me. Lol

  • Hearing about the "mostly peaceful protest" lazy river made me nostalgic too, Daniel. Like that one time in Hateno Village!

  • Sonic games are so wonky

  • 10:20 Nice save Arin 👌

  • Instead of "do your best," I think Arin really does need the "GOOD LUCK" idiom.

  • Arin still doesn't understand to just hold the stick in the direction he is already going in instead of wildy trying to change directions with the camera. It's honestly amazing how stubborn one human being can be in the face of himself being wrong.

  • I love how Arin tries to use the logic of actual physics in a shitty Sonic game

  • Dan: I wonder how many people die everyday. Dan: _covered a song where the repeating lyric was "40,000 men and women every day" when regarding death_

    • But maybe he still fears the reaper.

  • DABO!

  • Action Park feels like it was made in a rollercoaster building game

  • FoR tHe AlGoRiThM

  • You guys need to play yandere simulator

  • “You can learn a lot about a culture through its idioms” Sweden: “don’t get caught with your beard in the letterbox”

  • Arin's quiet and resentful, "it's no use..." filled my heart with warmth ^^ Another day in the life of a sadist I guess...

  • The Defunctland episode about Action Park is also amazing and worth a watch if you want more information on the insanity of that place.

  • As someone who is taking dynamics. Arin explaining the physics of the vibe swing incorrectly is priceless. If someone were to come off the vine at the point Arin suggested, though the speed would be maxed (gravity with centripetal accel), the trajectory would only move horizontally before dropping lower (missing the next vine completely).

  • I would hate to die at a water park

  • Disneyland was free to get in but you had to pay to get on rides i am pretty sure arin

  • notice how well arin plays as dan tells the story about that park

  • 10:24 That was an amazing save.

  • The frog suddenly jumping at around 18 minutes almost jumpscared the water out of my cup

  • Teamwork being like: Throw your friends at the spiky thing that would impale you. That will do.

  • Most of the time when I watch GameGrumps I’m drawing or doing homework since I’m mostly there for the amazing commentary. But This is the first time In awhile that I actually watched the gameplay- AND OMG I’VE FELT SO MUCH FRUSTRATION FOR ARIN

  • Just wait until Arin gets to the Halloween stage 😳

  • Dan: That's gotta feel good. Me: on a Wednesday!

  • Honestly think they should play it takes two, imagine the chaos

  • i always interpreted 'Gambate' as like... 'tough it out', 'don't complain', 'keep working until you fucking die, or you will bring shame to your family!' But maybe I just have cynical Japanese friends...

  • Rouge's back must hurt because she's carrying two massive, heavy, and uncontrollably bouncy teammates.

  • Sonic heroes: well yes, but actually no.

  • This game must be a nightmare to speedrun

  • Okay I know this is a flashback and I’m late anyways but 0:08 did Rouge lock onto a passing ship?? Also why is there a passing ship??

  • Game Grumps: it's a gaming channel for fun. have a laugh. Also Game Grumps: hey, what if we talked about death and the futility of existence at length?

  • I also miss the game grumps remixes, but I’m sure they were hard to make

  • WTH?? Game Grump remixes are a thing???? I've watched Game Grumps for 7 years!! How did I not know??

  • Sounds like Action Park was built similarly to the way a Sonic level is designed.

  • I died when Rouge and omega took out the other two robots on his way up the path 😂😂😂 that is such bullshit hahaha

  • A lot of the rides at Action Park, like the Alpine Slide, would have pictures of the injuries you could get while f'ing around on the ride. really GRAPHIC pictures. I can't believe i survived that place.

  • People aren't making GG remixes anymore and it's really sad. I miss Absolutely Alex a lot. Master Sword has a band and em-one has an actual album now. I wish GG had shared the remixes as much as they shared the animateds because they are so amazing.

  • Hearing Arin talk about how he doesn't get craps, and describing that so succinctly is so reassuring - I just cannot fathom how any gambling games like that work at all, even when trying to understand it by looking for consistencies. Gah

  • Dan talking about Action Park :"What you gotta understand man, is, that it was like the wild west back then. There were no rules."

  • Nah. I refuse to believe that the alligator section was made by actual devs with salaries.

  • 18:24 The invisible wall being there implies that they actually knew people got confused and tried to jump off, but instead of solving the problem, they just made I so you can't make that mistake. A perfect example of both bad player direction and lazy problem solving


  • Rouge was like BYE BITCH

  • There is a thing called the internet of which you can look up how to play craps.

  • “Everything is legal in New Jersey.” -Hamilton

  • I've heard a lot of crazy things, but can explaining the plot of the Apple game was the strangest thing I've ever heard *I NEED TO WATCH THAT SERIES NOW*

  • Why did I just notice that this is the shitty frog stage from the sonic run?

  • Dan's reaction to Action Park is how I feel when he talks about Trinidad. Yeah, it's dangerous, but it's home

  • 23:14 Is like Emperor's New Groove with Arin coming into frame and marking up the screen with what went wrong

  • 5:00 well actually there is. David Blaine talked about it on JRE

  • For some reason the story with the kid singing the fight music from star trek as he’s chasing Dan down the ride killed me

  • To hear that 2/3 of people who die every day do so to age related causes is actually kinda comforting, especially when you consider that a large portion of the remaining 1/3 must be people born into misfortune, like places riddled with disease, starvation, etc.

  • Unsurprisingly Team Dark isn’t as racist as team Rose

  • @26:00 think of a bowling ball. do you release at the bottom or during the up swing?

  • 10:21 WOW ARIN that was a 5000 IQ save, great job ma boy

  • It was nice hearing arin come back to life for a bit

  • my uncle crushed his hand at action park! Good times.

  • 10:24 how can Arin just ignore this fricking amazing save Lmao

  • People complain, and I may never have played sonic heroes, but Arin’s right. There’s a lot of bull shit here.

  • in central Illinois we have a waterpark called Knight's Action Park. Completely unrelated, I'm pretty sure. Never heard any horror stories from this one and it's still open today. It's one of the cool places to go in the summer cause there's fuck all to do out there.

  • I know I'm in the minority here, but I would watch more if there was no foul language. My kids and I would be on every episode. Still love the content regardless.

  • You never realize how old Dan is until he says that he was in high school before you, a fully grown adult, was even born

    • @Gaming Elementalist just remember the year is 2021 so everyone born in 2000 is 21 this year lol

    • I'm still having a hard time understanding that fully grown adults were born post 2000 and I'm only 29. XD

  • I went to Action Park many times as a kid with no problems whatsoever, but my parents were there too tho. I could see it being more dangerous for teens unsupervised and running around like morons in a setting where the park staff wasn't the best.

  • 23:14 - This game is busted

  • 14:38 ''Very fond memories because we survived!''

  • Big change in audio today... sounds good, though.

  • i've just come from watching the most depersonalizing, deep and real games, to this... sonic hero's.

  • The Action Park experience sounds almost exactly like this crappy little public pool I went to once when I was 17. I had to lie that I was 15 to get in at a cheaper price, but yeah, the lifeguards were teens and the bathrooms smelled like weed and they were super cool to chat with, actually. But kids were shoving and falling and screaming and the only like adult adults there were either sunbathing or under the shade benches. But I expect no less from my poor state.

  • 29:21 you know when you have one of those days when you don't want to wake up? everything is fucked, everybody sucks...

  • I'm so glad I played this game as a kid, because I know that Arin is 100% right when he's calling out the game's bs. Sonic Heroes was the first game I ever ragequit. ̶I̶ ̶s̶t̶i̶l̶l̶ ̶l̶o̶v̶e̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶t̶h̶o̶.̶

  • Yep. Childhood experiences now are super safe, breeding a generation of masochists who are desperate for their own life to feel valuable.

  • "You can't make it rain with ones can you?" "No ones gonna complain, money is money" I- lmfao, the level of disconnect XD

  • 7:00 is this the "100,000 men and women every day" that blue oyster cult were referring to in "don't fear (the reaper)"?

  • 24:10 Rouge: Alright! Shadow: Uugh. *falls to death* 😂😂😂

  • it is bullshit rouge litterlaly homing attacked the robot next in the path thus completely fuckng you.

  • It's always so funny to me how Sonic, a game where the entire point to go fast, is absolutely terrifying if you aren't moving at a snail's pace. Going fast like you would expect to is certain death because either something doesn't render right, your teammates mess it up, or you just have that awkward speed boost for no reason when just trying to land and not move. I totally understand why Arin is having a hard time. Ill always love Sonic games and I've played almost all of them but man they are glitchy as hell and just not fun to play sometimes, but I still love them for some insane reason.

  • Arin: *harshly criticizing the game* Also Arin: Anytime anything happens in this game I just freeze and tense up The game is far from perfect but this is just beyond parody

  • God I love stories about Action Park

  • I remember clubbing in Vegas where someone was "Making it Rain" one time with singles and we earned around $20-30? and another where one threw $20. My friend earned $500+ that night.

  • Btw if something happens 18 times in a row... it's a multiple of 3

  • why are these levels so long? Like.....even if you did this well it would take over 5 minutes on a single stage.

  • Use me as the I want more CHOP CHOP button!