Sealing a Real Estate Deal with a KISS 💋 - Monopoly

Publisert 22. april. 2021
And now that your rent has come due, a bankruptcy looms on the day.
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#ep2 #Monopoly #PropertyBrothers


  • Great job Dan, we love you Arin

  • We love you, Arin.

  • Great job, Dan.

  • Great job, Dan.

  • Good job, Dan! We love you, Arin

  • This whole game Arin was that giant wasp that you hit with a boot a hundred times that refuses to die

  • "I'm not asking for pity." Accepts several pity properties

  • I knew it. I knew the game was padding Arin's luck with the dice so that, when the loss came, it would *hurt*. Not just defeat. But an *agonizing* defeat. The Monopoly algorithm is pure sadism. This proves it. The game wants humans to suffer. Ye gods, this was torture to watch...

  • Great job Dan. We love you Arin. No pity given, just honesty.

  • We need to see that kiss on camera guys.

  • Watching Arin REPEATEDLY stack houses on a single property instead of unmortgaging several and making it far more likely that dan will land on his properties is driving me crazy, if he just unmortgaged them all he'd nickle and dime dan to death and win.

  • Great job Aaron

  • Great job Dan! Edit: We love you Arin!

  • 40 min of arin on life support from dan is basically what this video is. XD

  • Where was the kiss

  • I wish they would release this episode but instead it was just arins face am from discord and their audio, no gameplay just his face and some context Good job Dan

  • i know a hansen and owes me 30 bucks so i think your saying is false!

  • The craziest part of this game is where Arin with either 16 or 18 dollars said he was worth one bag of chips. How Much Do Chips Cost Where You’re From

  • I love Arin's all or nothing strat! Puts it all on 1 property that Dan has never landed on instead of bleeding Dan with a thousand little cuts by unmortgaging multiple properties... lol

  • Dan: 6 Arin: 1 An AI: 2

  • 6:30 the bottom part where it shows Dan having over 1000 dollars and nearly all the properties and Arin having little to no money and mostly mortgaged properties just reminds me of their monopoly animation

  • Great job Dan

  • Great job Dan.

  • I love monopoly but the game gets destroyed but bad design decisions such as bankrupting you for taking too long and no custom rules .... the Wii version operates better than the switch, Xbox and pc version

  • Great job Dan

  • Great job Dan! We love you Arin!

  • Don't understand the obsession with railroads, especially in this mode. (And don't get me started on utilities.)

  • FoR tHe AlGoRiThM

  • This game is just Dan supporting for both of them, while still living large.

  • I feel like Arin went through every stage of grief in this episode.

  • we love you Arin

  • Great job, Dan. We love you, Arin.

  • almost had me? you never had me, you never had your board!

  • That kiss on the lips has to happen

  • Great job, Dan and we love you, Arin!

  • Great job Dan, put Arin in his place. Baltic Avenue, that is.

  • The atmosphere with these games always reminds me of Finn and Jake playing card wars.

  • I look forward to an animated of this episode

  • 4:00 Ah, One man one jar. Good times.


  • Every monopoly episode is Arin unintentionally stepping on loaded properties and dying inside as he burns through all his potential. 3/4s of the time it's the oranges that Dan always ends up with.

  • great job Dan we love you Arin

  • We love you arin.

  • Ive never seen someone be so lucky and so unlucky at the same time.

  • 4:50 That's such legit rage.

  • love my man air end hands on

  • This whole episode was just a giant victory lap lol

  • I have a feeling the cheek that's being kissed isn't on the face.

  • When Arin gets so mad that I have to start feeling bad for dan

  • Dan looses $800 to income tax and literally gifts Arin 1400 worth of properties, and still trounces him.

  • Great job, Dan. We love you, Arin!

  • Great job Dan!

  • “i wonder whats going on on twitter” *war flashbacks*

  • Great job Dan!

  • great job dan 👏 👍 👌 🙌 😀 💪

  • "Your time has come"

  • 30:00 "Teleports behind you!"

  • I love you Arin. Please keep playing Monopoly every now and then. 😂

  • Great job Dan

  • 6:20 at this moment, Daniel regretted returning to the Game Grumps office so soon

  • Great job dan


  • I haven't laughed this hard in so long😂😂

  • Great job Dan!

  • Arin is pure gold in this episode!

  • This series should be called Danny wins while arin loses his mind. He hasn’t won ever btw.

  • Great job, Dan!

  • Who set Dan on hard difficulty💀, poor rain but he’s having’ fun

  • Arin has the honest to god worst strategy when it comes to this game lol

  • Great Job Dan. We love you Arin.

  • We love you Arin!

  • Great job Dan! We love you Arin!

  • We love you Arin

  • We love you arin

  • Great job Dan

  • I hope they play this mode again. That was amazing and intense, but so damn riveting. I am definitely playing this mode myself. My flat mate has no idea what’s coming.

  • great job dan :)

  • It's the Linkin Park parody for me

  • Great job, Dan Get f##ked, Arin ;}

  • Buy properties not hotels damn haha

  • "Because monopoly always has a way back" Where in the everloving fuck did Dan get that idea? The entire point of monopoly is that that's NOT A THING.

  • Dan: I'm gonna give you all of my stuff. Arin: Thank you. Also I'm gonna eff you up.

  • Great job, Dan!

  • arin is a broken man, and i appreciate it solely for the giggles

  • Great job Dan

  • LMAOOOOO! I guess Aaron’s seen the Jar Squatter video.🤣 Ahhhh the nightmares of my childhood. :’)


  • “One thing about you bud” most condescending thing danny has ever said

  • Great job Dan, we love you Arin

  • Good job Arin! Love you Dan!

  • Great job Dan We love you Arin

  • This could be an interesting play style with computers involved

  • Dan is the sweetest.

  • Love you Arin

  • Great job Dan!~ Xd

  • Monopoly punch! Monopoly punch! Monopoly kissss?

  • Ight, how in the WORLD is this 50 minutes long, Arin's fkd lol.

  • I enjoy Arin's agony, great episode guys!

  • 5 minutes in and we're having a great time

  • Great job Dan, we love you arin