YASSS QUEENS! ♟👑 - Chess

Publisert 14. april. 2021
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King best check himself.
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  • This is the funniest chess I have ever watched. (Totally a sentence I never thought I would write.)

  • This is like Arin trying to balance a tray of food and then Danny pulls a rug out from under him and chuckles to himself.

  • Sly Arin thought no one would catch his _Labyrinth_ reference at 26:06

  • Arin's second move (7:23) is something we in the chess world like to call *primo* *shit* : Does it control the center: No. Does it put an opponent's piece in danger: No. Does it protect one of your own pieces: No. Does it put itself in danger: Yes. Does it put any of your other pieces in potential danger: Yes. Is it a Greek bearing a gift: ...probably not. In other words... it's the *perfect* move.

  • i love seeing them play chess it brings me back to simpler less angry times....kinda....well not with them but you get the idea.

  • Learning who to crush my enemys....

  • it took arin nearly half an hour to take one piece dayum

  • My god. This reminds me of playing Chess with my brother, which I haven't done in 20 years due to the destruction of the tent we were camping in and the missing pawns.

  • I can’t even... this is one of the hardest videos I’ve ever had to watch... in the history of my 20 years this broke me At sonic, stressing out, sweating profusely like ARINNN NOOO!

  • Only took over 3 full minutes to get to the actual content. Nice one, guys.

  • Chess vids are my favorites.

  • I’m curious why Dan doesn’t castle and misses some obvious moves haha. He seems to know how to play chess well but he must be distracted listening to Arin go nuts.

  • More chess, pleaSE

  • 25:33 Qb6 two forks open up with high value targets. If Danny takes the rook next move, then Arin has a highly effective fork between the bishop and the queen by going Qf6, if Danny sees this and doesn’t take the bait, then sting can just push Qb2 and get a knight rook fork that puts Danny in a lot of danger. Like, I wish the games I played had such golden opportunities.

  • Arin just need to look at chess like MTG. Moving pieces out of their starting positions is like card draw, moving pieces into good positions is like board presence, and attacking is like... Well, attacking. The strategy is not the mechanics.

  • This advertisement felt like it was touched by Markiplier.

  • 33:35 Im not much into chess, but did Dan miss a checkmate here? Could he not move the queen into D7 for a checkmate? or am i wrong?

    • The queen can't move to D7. It can move to F7 which is forced mate as the king's only legal move is D8, then the queen slides over to D7 for mate.

  • I watched this video while I was eating downstairs where others could hear because chess is mature and peaceful. I finish go back up to my room and turn on the bird dating sim videoes lmao.

  • Nice job Aaron. Only took you 6 moves to FINALLY SEE HIS EXPOSED KNIGHT from your Bishop. Only now it’s covered because instead of taking the exposed piece you moved the knight which caused him to cover with his other bishop. Ruining any chance you had at snatching victory from the jaws of your incessant whining. Great job.

  • if arin had forked dans knight and queen with his pawn he would have put his own bishop under attack.. just a little thing i noticed that is bugging me

  • my brother and i got into a screaming argument about school while this played in the background lmao. 10/10 perfect background sound for sibling animosity

  • "I'm opening up the game." Very subtle..... xD

  • This is infURiating to watch

  • -sees Blood and Cream_ my mind immediately: *BREAKING DAWN*

  • Dan has a checkmate opportunity and there's still 20 minutes left on the episode jeez

  • I just want to give Arin a hug and tell him he's doing fine. ^_^; I love watching them play Chess.

  • More chess. Now.

  • arin is me participating in class and dan is all of my professors

  • why would you edit on the raycon when it's in your ear the video hasn't even fucking started and i can't breathe

  • I was thinking that the Art of War isn't that long and shouldn't take up that large of a tome, but then I noticed that the book also includes other Eastern classics so now it makes perfect sense.

  • "you're not in a bad position at all" Narrator Voice: "Arin was in a terrible position"

  • My dumbass was like,, oh!! A guest grumps with the queen!


  • 9:30 Dan was mostly kidding, but fighting games really do feel like very fast, but less complex matches of chess. It's a constant back and forth of getting your opponent into bad positions, the difference being that you do get to move while your opponent does. I always liked the idea of fighting games being "real-time action chess" so to speak heh

  • When they play Chess it’s like a 2v1 knife right with only 2 people. Dan is respectfully jabbing at Arin, and Arin is plunging the knife into himself and twisting it in the wound.

  • "I do a stupid move and I hate myself and this sucks!!!" "Sooo...it's your move now..." LOL...one of your best series ever

  • I feel like I can feel the day Dan had in his voice.

  • That beginning had me laughing very harem why jpg image a raycon headphone if he's reading jt

  • I want to play chess with Dan. He's so supportive!

  • Arin plssss in the end game you had more than one chance to take Dans Queen(s) :'- )

  • Arin had a 2 turn checkmate around 33:00 before Dan moved the bishop from next to his king and Arin retreated his rook. Could've moved the pawn blocking the queen from taking Dan's pawn which was next to arins rook and got the checkmate.

  • Imagine if they had it set like a tournament where they have a set amount of time to make their moves. Arin would have lost in about five moves purely on running out of time or panicking that he now has a time limit and getting himself immediately into checkmate.

  • I’m such a fool for the bishops no more

  • Dan navigating menus vs Dan playing chess lol

  • I'd love to see an MRI or whatever of Dan and Arin's brains while playing this. I feel like Dan's would be like a normal person while doing some basic math, and Arin's would be more panicked than a person taking the ACT after zero studying and leaving school before starting high school.

  • not to be that guy but Dan could have won by turns 18-24 with his queen and 2 bishops. However, If they did a series where Dan coaches Arin against bots till he can beat Dan would be hilarious!

  • ok It's not often Dan schools Arin but when he does, he's holding his hand and offering sweet encouragements the whole way through.

  • Arin is absolutely me when I play chess. I just don't have the patience to think more than 1 move ahead

  • Arin drinking mayo with a straw. I started crying and dry heaving .

  • 31:41 move the pawn to E6 then it’s protected by the king AND the queen while threatening dans queen but also could be taken my dans pawn

  • Again he’s probably thinking of Bobby Fischer

  • I'm not good a chess but my god Arin. Please, Arin. Please. I kept seeing moves and seeing Arin COMPLETELY miss everything.

  • @1:16 i fucking died. Arin, you have a talent for commercials.

  • I desperately wanna see both Dan and Arin on PogChamps 4

  • Watching Arin play physically hurts me.

  • We love you, Arnold, but by Gawd you've got all the strategic sense of drunken cowboys on a Saturday night.

  • Arin, please take chess lessons for the entire year and annihilate Danny next year

  • Perhaps Arin would prefer "No Stress Chess"? Might be more to his liking since he's so into drawing cards. Dan is super right about just being calm or at the least not freaking out. Negative thinking snowballs and Arin was not as fucked as he thought imho.

  • I like when Dan repeats stuff with an exclamation of absurdity

  • Bobby fischer


  • Someone gif him putting a straw in mayonnaise and drinking it. And make it popular so I can use the built in keyboard on my phone to reply with said gif to political arguments I am not interested in understanding. Is it done yet?

  • Arrin should get some chess lessons some time, so he can give dan a challenge filled game.

  • 26:05 Arin you got this, just move the rook up, and at the very least, you can threaten the Queen 26:06 Wrong rook! XD ...some people really don't like Arin's rage, but, I don't know, I actually find it relatable =P

  • Arin not taking the free queen around move 7-8 is killing me, what's even worse is it was hanging for so fucking long 😭

  • *Arin catches Danny a bit off-guard with the Knight play, Danny sounds concerned* "Oh, might Arin actually win this one? Oops, gotta pause it." *Accidentally mouse over time line, see late in game where there are like two red pieces left* "...Oh."

  • I want them to only play now as Bill Pilbus and Palvus McAvus

  • The peaceful piano music and ave maria mixed with Arins rage and frustration has me crying!

  • Dan in a tournament you could have forfeited the game for improperly calling Checkmate.

  • Fuck off Arin, asking questions during the game, play the game and hope for the best or don't play at all.

  • Chess is easy content, arin gets angry laughs and goes dumb, and danny wins

  • Holy shit, did anyone else get a "Gary Casparov Teaches Chess" Masterclass ad during this video? XD Also, man, Arin's playing was MUCH better this round than ever before. He's definitely getting better.

  • Chess is definitely are some of my favorite videos. Feel free to do more.

  • "Oh, you cheeky fu-" "You're a very special guy and I love you very much!"

  • I keep thinking the lamp to the right is like an AirPod or something

  • So many blunders

  • At 35:52 Dan had checkmate at BF4...

  • "You're move, my angel." While Ave Maria plays in the background may be one of my favorite calm moments from these guys

  • I just wish Arin could stop being Panikin Skywalker when he plays chess! Just take your time and think, bro! We know you can do this but you gotta stay calm!

  • Dan had his queen gifted like 10 turns and Arin never saw it, would be cool if they do a collab with hikaru or gotham chess where they coach Arin so he can have his sweet sweet win!

  • Do you mean Magnus Carlson?

  • arin you should have finished high school

  • God, Arin playing chess is so much like me playing chess that it almost physically hurts. RIP to all panicky, angry chess players. Sorry to all their Dans

  • Was he thinking of Bobby Fischer?

  • 'Im cool as a cucumber here'...that doesn't sound like an Arin thing and honestly I think we should be worried.

  • Well the ad finally made me cave in and buy wireless so mission success? People who study ads must be kinda confused when game grumps puts out an ad and it works beyond making people amused.

  • Arin's moves had me screaming internally and I think I just broke some internal sound barriers. And I haven't touched a board since I was like 6.

  • Dan, as he calmly sucks out Arin's soul: Dies Irae while sipping lavender-chamomile tea in a Monokuma onesie Arin, struggling to make chess moves: the soft strains of Ave Maria as he screams CHESS IS STUPID, YOU'RE STUPID! I'M STUPID! AUUUUGH!


  • I feel like I'm watching Uncle Iroh and Zuko play chess.

  • I wish Arin did every advertisement, I would watch more TV

  • Arin is “untiltable” because you cannot tilt what is already tilted

  • 39:54 I can't see that well, but is that Arin's Queen at F5 with Dan's King at E7? Can't he pull a Knight? Or is that another piece I'm mistaking for a queen

  • This music is like the soundtrack to a dying friendship

  • 26:07 Arin (Rh7)... dude... you just gave him both of them... Dan: Qxg8+ Arin: Kd1 Dan: Qxh7... And Dan didn't see it :(

  • I appreciate Dan actually guiding Arin through this game. Usually Dan just savages Arin in their games.

  • ¡Cuanta tensión!

  • Just move the rook up two Arin!!!!

  • Arin needs to trim his nose hairs if they're going to do all these close ups

  • 8:30 attack the queen and bishop! Ahhhhhrin oh Dan sees the fork with the knight but doesn't see the discovered attack on the bishop. 25:25 best move imo is to move rook forward and if queen takes it you take with the knight, if queen takes knight move king, you lose the queen but so does he. 29:53 Arin.... 33:18 NICE ARIN You did play well