Being a rocket scientist is overrated! - Game Of Life

Publisert 20. april. 2021
But movie night at Dan's house tho amirite?????
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  • Somehow, hearing Arin’s screams muffled by the call audio makes hearing it even funnier

  • Y won’t they say their favourite website?

  • Did no one catch "banana is a berry" because it's in the plantain family. Or I'm stoned and I'm hearing things. XD but it bothered me.

  • i usually route for danny in game grumps versus but i low key feel bad for arin xD

  • Literally on a website that hosts videos "Name your favorite website" 'No I will not'

  • If Ross was playing with them, this would technically be Steam Train.

  • I just googled the pictures of Arins Wedding and his tophad. 😂

  • Dan saying "scawy" put back into my head "they should call it Scawy Hill" and I appreciate that


  • I like how neither of them are willing to name a favorite website, even though they could literally say that their favorite is the one they use literally every day: Here, NOlong.

  • So what I'm getting here is that Dan is a winner at the Game of Life and Arin should be concerned about his retirement.

  • I liked the Work Bitch reference at 28:07

  • But wouldn't that be....GAY?!

  • I love how this game basically rewards you for rolling low (enabling you to collect more cards).

  • It's even true in the game of life. Comparing yourself to others is the robber of joy.

  • Gay rich and you have a house? The dream life

  • FYI Arin, due to the way millionaire mansion works, the richest person there gets more yellow cards, which is why you lost

  • Has anyone considered drying up in a lake? Food for thought.

  • This really makes me want to see them play Alter Ego

  • Lil Nas X for guest grumps!

  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE play the 1998 version of the game of life on PC. I don’t even know its thats possible to play but its the funniest game I’ve ever played!

  • Dan, the supportive father rooting for his artistic gay son Lil Nas X.

  • This game has worse graphics/charm than the version I got for the PC 20 years ago

  • Dans is living two and half men

  • I hope Arin keeps loosing so he keeps challenging dan for more videos.

  • Life is basically the opposite of Monopoly. Life: Capitalism is great! :D Monopoly: The cruel grinding wheel of capitalism will wear you down until you find yourself committing heinous acts against those you love most and destroying your most sacrosanct relationships with your own two hands.

  • “Two kids aren’t worth shit, it’s the third one that’s worth more.” -Arin Hanson

  • It feels like Arin is really hating the "having kids" part of this game... wonder if it's mirroring his real life? Are we not gonna get an Arin/Suzy child? (Totally fine if not obviously I just remember he used to seem like he wanted kids)

  • Arin is aggressively twitchy with his his mouse and its kinda distracting.

  • Play Sly Cooper series please!

  • “You’re gay, rich, and have a house” Meanwhile I am none of those things

  • Little do they know that everyone is playing The Game of Life 2 which has more routes and adapted to current times with pets and a purple peg for nonbinary players and spouses, vehicles, boards and more.

    • Omg really??? That sounds amazing! I was just wondering if they would have nonbinary one day

  • Game: "Name your favourite website." Dan: "I most certainly will not."

  • A potential game for the Grumps to try, even in Multiplayer, is For The King. they can try out different professions and we can watch Arin toss out the controller in RNG rage 😂

  • One of the newer digital LIFE games actually does take things other than money into consideration, I saw Funhaus play it a couple weeks ago

  • Arin in this episode was super funny! 10/10!

  • I would love for them to play the PS1 Game of Life game. I played that a ton with my family and while clearly dated a bit it's still the best game of life game imo.

  • 5:30 Arin inadvertently joins the IRA.

  • No one's playing The Game of Life anymore. They're all playing The Game of Life 2.

  • 13:28 🎶There would be no sadness If we were Super Gay🎶

  • This game is boring as hell but the grumps make it entertaining to watch.

  • What's funny is even without the house srin would've lost the last game.

  • They way Dan talks about gay marriage is similar to how Arin used to talk about the effects of drugs. And I LOVE IT.

  • Arin really had two opportunities to become the ultimate cottagecore lesbians and didn’t seize it either time

  • I would love absolutely nothing more than to see them play the 90s computer game of life, but it may not be technologically possible

  • I’m a grumps fan and a rocket scientist (aerospace engineer) and we absolutely do make that joke about “it’s not rocket science... haha oh wait it is”

  • Having $2,830,000 and still not being happy because someone else has more. This is pretty accurate to Life.

  • these recaps make the bits too long


  • 9:00 silly Dan, the moon doesn't cut its hair. They wax

  • So the price of real estate only goes up and not down? This doesn't seem like a good thing in the long run. Your house isn't going to be worth much if no one can afford it.

  • Should have payed more dues to the circle Arin.

  • That back ground music is a real slow burn.

  • "You're perceiving my yell as a yell when it could easily be percieved as quite!" Sounds like my mom

  • I hate the music in this game

  • 5:34 Redline reference?

  • I wish they could play the old school ps2 game of life. That game had so much charm and goofy comedy theyd really appreciate. I miss it. My family used to occasionally have game nights and play it

  • The only reason Arin won with the Hulk costume over Danny's Spidew-Mayn is because everyone loves a topless girl, heckin' rigged.

  • shoulda went to school! lol

  • "I'm not yelling at you!" Arin yelled.

  • Dan: "Fortnite, no thank you". I'd personally rather play Game of Life than Fortnite any day.

  • "I don't get to play Bloodborne in this!" Someone needs to make a game of Grump Life!

  • "But if you win I'm gonna lose! And I'm the Life Boy! I'm the One Who Lived!"

  • No, the reason Dan won was because he got more spins. That's the actual advantage that comes with going to college in the game of LIFE, you literally get more turns, which means you're almost guaranteed to have more money at the end. For the most part the career options for college vs no college are equal, it literally comes down to who gets to the end last.

  • I learned all mega man x secrets from a Nintendo power magazine I read while my mom was shopping. Failed math, but I can tell you about mega man x, where every single power up is and the fastest route to get them.

  • I’m mad that Arin missed out on the chance to be a cottagecore lesbian

  • Why does this game have like.. no sound effects? There's music but no sound effects for the wheel turning, the cars are literally anything. It's weird :/

  • danny last unicorn soundtrack covers when?

  • FYI: The ending differences. * Countryside acres has less opportunity to lose money with retirement, but the most the can expect to be awarded is $45,000. * Millionaire estates has many more chances to lose money. Players who retire here could either lose up to $150,000 or win up to $200,000.

  • "You are perceiving my yell as a yell" -Arin Hanson, 2021

  • I know this is off topic but just figured out Arin Hanson voiced Bruce Banner in Ultimate Alliance, I love that game and had no idea till I saw it, literally contributed to my childhood even though they only used his voice in 2016

  • Dan living the freaking dream in this one

  • Dan talking about Lil Nas X like a supportive dad trying to relate to his gay son and sound hip really made me giggle

  • I too enjoy being gay, rich, and owning a house. I knew Dan was a man married to another man of culture.

  • Hmmmmm sus that the winner of the last episode got cut from the "last time on GG". I'm on to you Arin "Egoraptor" Hanson!!!!

  • 22:07 made me laugh hard

  • I know there is no chance of any one who works for game grumps see this but- if they do- PLEASE- have Arin and Dan play Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion- I’d think it be hilarious (it’s on the switch)

  • Dan: I have ten thousand dollars... that's not good. Me: Bitch, I wish I had $10k!!!

  • “What am I gonna do....? Invest in money??” Arin Hanson 2021 😂


  • That “Last time on game grumps” sounded an awful lot like The Talent Fairy (Daniel Thrasher) to me.

  • I think Dan is running a money laundering scheme with all these online companies.

  • Them talking about making 3mil through life would be nice when Dan's net worth is actually 3mil...XD

  • Whoever dies with the most toys, wins.

  • Dan has such an advantage this isn't fair

  • "In this corner, Grump!" "I'm a grump." "In the other corner, Not So Gruuuump! It's-" an ad.........

  • *watches montero once* I think I'll have a husband this time

  • I thought the moon joke was going to be "waxing"..

  • Dan having to tell his boss a joke and that boss being Arin, his actual boss, whom he tells jokes to for a living, absolutely fucking sent me lmao

  • Can we all just appreciate that they're both casually having homosexual marriages ok thanks

  • I dont usually believe in karma, but its hard to ignore the causal timeline: Arin sues Dan-> Dan becomes lawyer to avoid others being frivilously sued for fence related allegations-> Dan steals Arins dream life of swordplay with husband in millionaire mansion

  • i love that they lean in on the ignant grandpa thing, mostly because me too dan, me too

  • I-i always forget Dan's age and it wasn't until he called lil Nas X a "young man" that i realised he could literally be his father

  • I’m glad Arin isn’t living in his car anymore.

  • Dan making fun of old people: Lil Nas X seems like a kind young man Dan completely unironically not two minutes later: Lil Nas X seems like a creative young man

  • Arin, stop yelling at Dan. :c

  • Love the trans representation

  • I just stopped by to watch Danny win like he almost always does lol

  • Spoiler for ending I love how Arin keeps being extremely more successful throughout the entire game, and then Dan just wins at the end.

  • Lil Nas X is a talentless, crappy "rapper" along with the rest of the 21st century nobodies. Listen to some Big Daddy Kane if you like real hip hop.