Animator's Interpretation! A Game Grumps Animated COLLAB!

Publisert 28. april. 2021
0:00 ► Intro
0:12 Animated by ► Sketchbrew
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0:41 Animated by ► Emski Stay
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0:53 Animated by ► Jey Pawlik
Jey Pawlik ►
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1:04 Animated by ► Mangomation
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1:19 ► Outro
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Game Grumps are:
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  • I mean....

  • Aw what a cute idea

  • GG can always put a smile on my face, I love it

  • Was this the first collab but they just didn’t upload it

  • love the idea of doing animator challenges!!

  • 0:06 What does "Ludo" mean in this context?

  • Love those two guys. Uh Danny and Arnold

  • 1:08 omg, hamster Arin is adorable!!

  • They gotta do this more often

  • I just want to know the original video

  • Anyone else think the worm was of something else at first glance and Anyone else get highly concerned


  • SORRY!

  • I think it might be horrible.

  • I wasn't looking at the TV when the video started so the intro completely threw me for a loop

  • The curse of ornithology

  • the mangomation part was so cute 🥺

  • Mangomation 's work is soo fkn cute \o

  • The original episode is "Sorry, Not Sorry - Clubhouse 51: Part 14" at 26:20

  • I love this idea for the animation !

  • The blobfish killed me

  • where the fuck is mario maker

  • Any one have the original episode these are from?

  • I think we can tell whose played that specific version of Ludo before...

  • More


  • Holy flip! This is such a cute idea! Please do this more often

  • Why did the first two think aliens?

  • I never knew... I needed Danny and Arin being hamsters in my life this badly... I love it.

  • I swear I've seen that mangomation person's art on inkbunny or something before...

  • "Blind" animation? I like the idea

  • bonus points if you can tell me what this scene (0:50) is referencing (I love it)

  • 1:06 I have no idea who this woman is, but I already love her.

  • I will only imagine Danny and Arnold as mice/gerbils

  • Arin and dan = tulio and miguel

  • I need more hamster Dan and Arin please.

  • The mice Arin and Dan were ADORBS

  • What game grumps episode is this from?

  • Not many animators in the world today, eh?

  • Love these calaborarations!

  • I never saw them animated as hamsters before. I liked how cute they looked.

  • BlobDan and BlobArnold are the ultimate game grumps evolution

  • Real talk though? Those mice were flippin' adorable.

  • Grumpsters for the win!

  • That last frame is unbelievably cute

  • Okay but the hamsterrrs🥺🥺🥺💖💖

  • I thought this was the baby’s coming thing at first

  • Mouse Arin & Dan are my new favorite animal variant.

  • I didn't realize it was the same audio clip everytime until the end

  • Love the parcheesi reference

  • Mangomation you're adorable

  • *I pray anyone that sees this is successful in life..*

  • I am so into this setup.

  • Can you guys please play the zhu zhu pets Wii game?!?! 🤣🤣

  • That's crazy how some related to each other.

  • This is well done !! Great work everyone!

  • What episode was this from

  • Amazing

  • Maaayyybeeee give em context next time

  • These collabs are literally exactly what everyone wants

  • Loved the tongue at the end on Dan

  • That slap that Arin did made me laugh so hard 😂😂😂😂

  • This is so awesome! So many talented epic people out there! Great job!

  • Beautiful, all of it ^W^

  • I would love to see something like this again in the future.



  • Lame

  • This is so cool, and I love each one of these!

  • The widdle MICE omg

  • What was the original video?

  • This is an amazing creative exercise.

  • I’m posting this dog 🐶 on every video until they finish playing The Dog Island

  • I just watched the ludo episode the other day. So i was wondering if they would have a “sorry” board in this mini comp. well done everyone

  • Okay they were all good, but I LOVED the hamster one at the end! So cute! 😆

  • The last one was STINKING cute, man! 🥰🥰🥰

  • Premise: clips that arent funny outcome: not funny huh

  • I want to know where the "We function as a unit" bit came from

  • I love collaborations!!! This one is so funny!!

  • Love this.

  • 0:15 JESUS is that a... oh a worm yeah that makes more sense

  • Mangomation knows where the audio from


  • So it was the Alien franchise then the Thing and fish then sorry

  • Nice jobs.

  • I need more hamstergrumps

  • Mad love for those Hamtaros!

  • The last one was so adorable!

  • Wonderful!

  • little rodent bois

  • You guys should play "It Takes Two"

  • The last one... IS SO DAMN CUTE!!!

  • Therapist: "blobfish Arin and Dan aren't real, they can't hurt you" Blobfish Arin and Dan: 0:54

  • I’m one of the animators for the sketchbrew team the shot I did is at 0:27 everyone did a wonderful job!

    • @only a comentary nothing special oh wow! Thank you so much. That part was my favourite to animate!

    • It was honestly one of the best love how you animated the slap it was so fluid

  • More! These are beautiful!

  • Aww this was cute!

  • The grumps as mice section was adorable

  • I need the sauce to this