Super fun email scam dating sim! - RE: Prince of Nigeria

Publisert 16. april. 2021
If you thought your love life was in the garbage can, this episode is for you!
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#gaming #reprinceofnigeria #garbageboy


  • I really loved the dating Sims play through

  • "wow, my brain is melting" Yeah... yeah...

  • This game was great actually 🤣

  • She’s a tankie, she deserves whatever’s coming to her.

  • This is a fucking hilarious game

  • nooooooo they missed the epilogue :(

  • Nice Chrono Trigger music over the last scene

  • Moral of the story: money or EVEN the ability to flawlessly catch popcorn is not what defines a person.

  • 19:35 Hey is that a picture of Light Yagami?

  • the music is actually so beautiful tho

  • Ok. I swear the soundtrack towards the end of the first run is a slightly modified "600AD/Yearnings of Wind" from Chrono Trigger.

  • maybe Prince Apara Kachinpopgorn was the "kachi" ghost all along...

  • Truly, a modern day tragedy

  • James Veitch simulator.

  • Why does this game use Chrono Trigger music

  • I didn't know Light Yagami was a Nigerian prince

  • I tried to wipe something off my screen three times before I realized it was your cursor 🤣🤣🤣

  • This is the hardest I've laughed in a while! This visual novel is so fucking hilarious! kudos to Coren and the others who worked on this, it's incredible!

  • I like that he put Light Yagami from Deathnote as his picture on his fake id

  • Here's a pretty funny thing. In west Africa, there actually are princes and princesses. But..It's not as big a deal as scammers make it to be to non-Africans, because almost everyone is related to "royalty" in some sense so..It's not that special. XD

  • 3:56 Anyone one else hear SaGa Frontier 2 battle theme? ;P

  • Coren. Sequel when?

  • OMg the music

  • I love when they're in the middle of a sentence and they realize it accidentally falls into a bit they have running at the moment. Arin realizing that the Garbage Man / Boy thing fit was fucking gold!

  • Why does it always seem like the audio is captured from Dan's side where Arin is very quiet in comparison to Dan? Lol

  • I screamed when the ID popped up! Is that Light!? 🤣

  • Its KachinpopGorn, with a g.

  • "Every time I see $5000 extracted from my bank account, somewhere in my heart, I'll always dream that it is him..." XD Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrlllllll

  • The barcode on the ID might be the funniest thing I’ve seen all week

  • Am I the only one bothered by how low the volume is on Arin's mic?

  • The portraits for this game are surprisingly more competent than most top billing visual novels.

  • Come on Arin, you have to appreciate the modified Chrono Trigger music used in this game. Also, the chip tune music that sounds like it's from Super Dodgeball or River City Ransom.

  • I just want Dan to say Apara Kachinpopgorn to me to get me to sleep

  • How fitting that they named the protagonist garbage boy and they keep referring to an apple core analogy

  • god i would love to just fuck with someone who was trying to scam me

  • I have a feeling this was an actual exchange someone had while trolling a scammer and they just decided to make a game out of it.

  • Can't believe this girl describes her mind as an "abandoned scooter" 7:30 and no mention was made of it. Meanwhile I'm doubled over laughing about it.

  • How did Arin not notice the Chrono Trigger overworld remix during the good ending?

  • When Arin's truly reached the point of existential crisis over Mario Maker.

  • How could Arin not recognize the Chronno Trigger music???

  • Another episode of Reading Grumps This time with even LESS game

  • 18:09 his identity photo looks like Light Yagami from Death Note

  • Uhhh, I think the music after they made the choice to send the information is a direct ripoff of Chrono Trigger's soundtrack lol

  • Ah yes a fellow Comrade.

  • But there is an EPILOGUE!?!?!

  • The Light Yagami ID card freaking killed me 🤣🤣🤣

  • yo around the 23 min mark, thats chrono trigger music right?!

  • no ones talking about the fact that both dan and arin pronounced frangipani wrong

  • day 6 since hatoful boyfrined here to remind you please play more thank you

  • Sad thing is, people like Garbage exist.


  • Wow that prince looks a lot like Light Ya- (Dies of a heart attack)

  • Prince apara deez nuts

  • Love the Chronotrigger music at the end of the first ending.

  • Its kinda weird that the prince looks strangely like Light Yagami, RUN GIRL RUN! XD

  • I want there to be a secret ending with surprise antagonist Jim Browning. Also, isn't the song toward the ending basically just 600 AD from Chrono Trigger?

  • what the fuck is with this Chrono Trigger music lmfao

  • I think I saw this on Dr. Phil.

  • Arin so wrapped up in this gripping love story that he doesn't notice music from his "favorite" game, Chrono Trigger inserted into this nonsense.

  • Why does it start playing a cover of the Chrono Trigger Medieval theme at 23:20? And why does it switch to an accordion version?

  • How fitting that light Yagami would be the I'd of a scammer XD

  • this is a train wreck of a game and i love it

  • this is a pure train wreck of a game and i love it

  • Not gonna lie this is probably the funniest game I’ve ever seen.

  • This "prince of Nigeria " looks like light yagami from death note and he lives in Tokyo Japan?

  • I can bearly hear the grumps under the SUPERB SOUNDTRACK

  • Isn’t the nigerian princes photo on his ID manga art for light yagami from death note 😂

  • I like that the moral of the story here is to give your credit card, ssn, and identity to the scammer.

  • ... Why does this have Chrono Trigger music in it? O.o

  • Any body else notice the 600 AD over world theme from Chrono Trigger at 23:30?

  • I love how game grumps has so gracefully transitioned into a dating sim/ visual novel game channel

  • Disappointed Dan didnt comment on on those Stars of David on the open screen but I understand them being distracted with that absolute banger of a title tack that was playing.

  • @the editor It was really hard to hear the Grumps over the loud music at times.

  • Oh just animate this whole episode ita golden

  • The chrono trigger soundtrack was just great

  • Nigeria never even had a monarchy

  • The Chrono Trigger soundtrack is just perfect

  • 18:09 dat ID card. Damn I feel old for even getting the IC number reference 1337 ate yo ass.

  • Wonder if they noticed the background music after the first ending is a remixed Chrono Trigger tune

  • This was absolutely hilarious, I seriously hope someone does an animation of this!

  • Smelt is also actually a type of fish

  • I hope naming a character Garbage is going to become a thing on this channel now. Also, I wonder if something like this has actually happened to one of these scammers, they thought they were make money off some dumb sucker and ended up getting entangled with some kind of Annie Wilkes psycho.

  • I know Arin is in the new office and probably didn't work out the kinks yet, but I can barely hear him over the game audio. Dan sounds super clear for still being at home lol.

  • 10/10 Game of the Year!

  • I wonder if this is what Light Yagami spends his time doing in the alternate universe where he never got a Death Note.

  • I laughed the hardest I've laughed in a long time at that good ending! And here I was hoping for a twist...

  • Incredible, just a pure masterpiece

  • Isn't Arin's voice a bit low?

  • I always thought that the RE: was from "in re"

  • This was a trip at 4am.

  • I've just got to say this, When it comes between pronouncing *RE* as either "Ree" or "Ray" I always pronounce it as "Resident Evil..." and then read whatever is the title. So when I saw this title I pronounce this like "Resident Evil: Prince of Nigeria"


    • im sorry but you pronounce regards as raygards?

  • This is the first game that honest to God made me laugh and cry

  • I don’t know why but I found Apple having the hots for / being in love in with Banana more believable

  • I have tears rolling down my cheeks too......tears of laughter.

  • It's nice to know that a lot of people including Arin, have the same sense of humor when it comes to smelting jokes and proceeding to say, "who smelt it, dealt it". Right as I said "who smelt it, dealt it", it was followed up with a Arin delay.

  • Are we just going to ignore how this game was using copyrighted music, and then gave no credit for it at all? That music during the "good ending" segment was 100% from Chrono Trigger.

  • Is- is that Light from Death Note lmao

  • aw it sucks to hear Dan repeat capitalist propaganda. I'm no fan of Stalin but most of the people he and Mao killed deserved it.