Chaos and Destruction Loom Imminent - Hatoful boyfriend

Publisert 12. april. 2021
I can't wait for the Cultural Festival tomorrow!
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  • Why is no one acknowledging 25:10? That was hilarious!

  • Dan, we want you to do whatever Camilla wants, as long as you narrate while you do it.

  • Shit

  • Gundham + Tokoyami = Anghel

  • Please do more Phoenix Wright!

  • Absolutely keep playing this please

  • 20:33 that's a victoria crowned pigeon, not a peacock :] still very pretty though

  • Please Please PLEEEEASE continue this game! There is sooooooo much more underneath the whole 'just dating pigeons' aspect of it and it would be absolutely fantastic to see your reactions to it~~

  • This editor is the most threatening one of all, he edits the show on a single laptop

  • Dan: 'isn't the cultural Festival Japanese thing' Arin: ahh maybe? Me:🤨 have you not seen any Japanese highschool anything?

  • So glad they mentioned Chrono Trigger. That was the last game I was hoping they would go back and finish, especially since Arin was having a lot of fun replaying it and Dan experiencing it for the first time. Hope they get back to it.

  • Yo this game has wack secret backstory to discover.

  • *half way through a game grumps video* Everyone’s pet looking at them from the door: ;(

  • Camilla continues to produce outstanding content.

  • This is great! I really hope they play through the whole game. The true ending is amazing!

  • Anyone else who has played the game find it interesting what Anghel said about the infirmary? I dont think I ever realized that

  • 18:39 just what i needed today. thanks

  • i think Anghel is supposed to be a chuunibyou. it’s a character trope in manga and anime.

  • Is Nageki like,, a ghost?

  • Did anyone else have their birthday said/shown during this? 👀

  • I feel like the guys don't realise that the Japanese school year starts in April. Summer is not the end of the year there.

  • I can't believe Gundham Tanaka is now a bird

  • 87 people didn't want Dan to open the door.

  • That bird is dead, it was killed by the flash of the camera.

  • Holy crap, we finally have an editor face reveal!

  • Is it just me, or is the number of ads giving anyone else colon cancer?

  • 6:17 Somebody clip that

  • Woah woah woah wait what? Who the heck was that editing for them? Where did whats his face go that started editing for them after Matt and Ryan left to do SuperMega full time.

  • When they mentioned failing college, “the one you pay for,” Dan saying “right” was a brief pained existence.

  • I guess Anghel is just a chuunibyou.

  • ...anyone else hoping they'll guest star Camilla when they can get Ten Minute Power Hour going again? I does is has to see d o g e

  • I feel like if they really like Anghel they’re going to really like Gundham if they ever get to Danganronpa 2

  • Highly recommend Shuu's route for the symphony of Danny's shocked "WHAAT"s

  • I like the Gundham Tanaka bird

  • Fucking gundam bird

  • Aaron's lack of how Japanese HS works confused me until I remembered he probably bairly remembered American HS

  • Arin did use a female voice for the protagonist of kitty love and that play through is still one of my absolute favourites, so fucking funny 😆

  • Will someone please tell them that Japanese schools don't operate on the same school year as america.

  • Phoenix Wright... I miss that name :'

  • Love the implication that Phoenix Wright counts as a dating sim because it ABSOLUTELY is

  • Every time Anghel comes in, I hear the Stone Cold theme. Fuckin lost it at "Are these Iron Maiden lyrics?"

  • Damn, love chunibyo and other delusions looks different here

  • I like how confident Dan was in thinking he was the voice for Anghel 😂

  • Why do they keep pronouncing Anghel wrong? There's clearly an H in there.

  • TAKE THIS!!!!!!

  • anyone else getting gundham tanaka vibes from anghel?

  • Anghel is an 8th grade syndrome, pretty much like roleplaying but they really believe they have super power from other dimension.

  • I know almost nothing about this game, but Anghel kind of reminds me of Owain, from Fire Emblem Awakening.

  • Lost in his own world, Anghel is. -Arin Hanson 2021

  • they need to look at okosans human character

  • I just realised that Anghel is just Gundham Tanaka from Danganronpa 2 in bird form

  • Ok what if game grumps played katawa shoujo

  • As an eccentric Filipino, people don’t like me breaking their doors

  • was that an editor reveal? 👀

  • I hope Arin knows that Aishiteru means a DEEP romantic love and not just love as a friend. Knowing him, he doesn’t and he’s having Dan say they have a romantic love interest in each other.

  • i am beyond invested in this story and do not know why

  • Dear God please finnish this

  • I miss you guys so much.. When are you going to do more 10 minute power hour?? 😍

  • Is Anghel legit just Angelus?

  • It's hilarious watching them be weirded out by the anghel route when it's just the chuunibiyo stereotype character bullshitting and you going along with it. But, as some have already commented here, Arin's knowledge of japan seems to be limited to real life stuff and not anime tropes, which this game is heavily built around.

  • Dan Camilla impression clip pls Can't find episode

  • They mentioned Phoenix Wright! I suppose that‘s one more chance to tell them that they missed an entire case in the Triligy which I really hope they‘ll play one day...

  • So. Haven’t played or seen anyone else plays this game, But. ....was Arin on the nose about these birds being dead and Nageki is a ghost bird..?

  • I can't handle waiting more than 2 days to know what happens next in this masterpiece... Please guys!

  • This is the first video i've clicked of this series.

  • Anghel is a Chunibyo I believe. "Chuunibyou (中二病; Chūnibyō) is a derogative colloquial term in the Japanese language used to describe a person who manifests delusional behavior, particularly thinking that one has special powers that no other person has."

  • Disappoint or annoy? Dan you can get up to let sweet baby girl Camilla out of the room anytime.

  • The reason for vitality is so because compared to birds you have superman behemoth strength XD

  • Being Filipino, there’s just... something so beautiful about the line at 6:20 LOL

  • Editor reveal

  • FoR tHe AlGoRiThM

  • Angel reminds me of Gundam Tanaka from Danganronpa 2

  • While watching all these strange/bad/specifically-themed dating sims I came up with a parody game of my own. Pencils. The guys are pencils, the girls are pencils with boobs, because that's a funny underworked idea but also something that a VN writer would unironically stand by. I thought maybe the girls should be pencil sharpeners (for obvious reasons) but the pencils getting shorter didn't make much sense. Mechanical pencils are robots. Everyone restates everything they say at least 3 times in slightly different ways, as is traditional in garbage visual novels. If anyone wants that idea, take it and run. I normally wouldn't ask for credit for a dumb idea like that, but I would want my name in the credits for when the Game Grumps inevitably played it.

  • Love how Arin conveniently forgot that he also didn't give the dumb anime protag voice to the main character in that boring christmas furry dating sim

  • How were they unable to unlock Anghel's route when they'd only completed Azami's though 🤔

    • They also had the skip button available in their "first" play through, but none of the other endings were shown as being completed, so maybe they have a strange version of the game, or they played before and somehow erased the ending unlock screen

  • I’m kind of really hoping they keep trying to get all the endings

  • It absolutely kills me that Dan and Arin have no idea what the human versions of the birds look like. Someone should show them

  • Has Arin never heard of a chunnibo?

  • I almost can't believe that the pigeon dating sim has gone on this long

  • Lol japanese schools start their school years in the "spring" semesters. Their end of year break is the winter holidays, so their summer break is like American schools' winter break.

  • How awkward that our two main interests this time are somehow connected maybe??? 🕊🐦

  • Every school has these but in Japan I guess they call them festivals? These expand anywhere from Nigeria to even America. Just a preview to newcomers who look to join the school and display all of their academic awards you can achieve there. I mean... --weeaboos--Japan is soooo kawaii desu! --flawlessly blends in--

  • "Now we got back to the point where Arin made the mistake last time." "I HIT END!!!"

  • Reality rejected! Synapsys shattered!

  • I'm so so glad you're playing this game. I know it's weird but I hope you guys love it. Please keep playing! Also yes, Japanese students have cultural festivals and summer homework lol

  • Anghel sounds a lot like the old lawyer from Ace Attorney. Very suspicioso....

  • The editor is on point for this episode.

  • Yup no Nintendo games no Metroid games like Metroid fusion just PlayStation bois.

  • I was so worried Dan would forget Anghel's voice 😍👌👌 it's beautiful

  • I really hope they play more of this. I'm rly loving it

  • Does anyone else notice Sakuya sounds like Mechazawa from Cromartie High

  • I really want then to turn on the human portraits. They only display upon first meeting the characters and seeing peoples reactions to the designs is always one of my favorite parts of playthroughs of this game.

  • Please never stop playing this game I beg you

  • College doesn’t require you to pay in Japan. Or most other developed countries. Also the school year starts at March, takes one month off in summer(with projects and reports to keep you busy), then ends the day before the next year starts.

  • 10:19 skip lectures

  • 6:40 the time

  • The very ending of this episode tells me they need to do Shuu's ending... 😳

  • how many endings do you need to have unlocked, to allow for the longer meta story?

  • All of the school stuff actually makes sense. Japanese schools go year round and have a 4-5 week summer break, and the exams the teacher is grading are the finals that freshmen took in July and need to have graded before they begin sophomore year in September. And Japanese high schools always give students a big chunk of summer homework that they have to turn in when the new semester begins.

  • Anghel giving off intense Gundham Tanaka vibes