Fulfilling Edel Blau's DESTINY? - Hatoful boyfriend MEGA Episode

Publisert 15. april. 2021
For eons the angels have waged debate. Scrolls unfurl, trumpet blare. And now we learn if the prophesy prevails. And most important of all: Will my beans be acceptable?
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  • Please do more. This game is a trip.

  • Ummmmmmmm..... more, pleeease.

  • KEEP GOIN!!!!

  • Also I think because yall were interacting with a ghost, it looked like you weren't socializing at all.

  • I want to know if you can romance the evil nurse at the infirmary. There were a couple times when you had the option to visit the infirmary, so maybe you can?

  • "Wooden toy"? "Your flesh"? Why does this sound dirty?

  • Oh! He's in the infirmary so he can feed the tree the blood of injured students.

  • Still want to know how a cave has a doorbell...

  • Please come back and play some more routes for this game every now and again! I’m highly requesting it!

  • Play more dam it I love you wonderful people

  • More please!

  • I hate that they didn't chose human portraits because they didn't get to experience the joke of Okosans "human" portrait

  • "Surprisingly dark for Hatoful Boyfriend" :)

  • Yes, PLEASE continue!!

  • Please continue this series!

  • I demand more hatoful boyfriend

  • Play more of dat hatoful fucking boyfriend. 😡🤌🏻😡🤌🏻😡🤌🏻

  • Must have more of this bird romance. CHIRP CHIRP

  • *CONTINUE!!!!*

  • More Phoenix Wright, please!!

  • "The su-u-un ya-a!" Just love when arin yells and his mic cuts out

  • MOAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!! MOAAAAAAAAR!!! And you should totally see the human models (they only show when meeting the characters!) And uh... I think Dan would really... like the Doctor's (Shuu) path ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • Please romance Negaki. I'm also interested in Okosan! ...And the teacher, mostly because I love the voice you guys gave him. In short, JUST PLAY IT AGAIN! ...please?

  • I originally skipped over this series, but now I need ALL the endings. This game is insane and I need it all.

  • Goddammit I WANT TO SEE MORE!! Please please please keep playing this! *We need answers*

  • I hope we get more of this, I just binged this whole game after a TERRIBLE HORRIBLE AWFUL day at work lol it helped.

  • I haven't watched a 'let's play' type video in ages, but I couldn't resist when I saw you guys were doing this one! Please please continue this! It's one of my fave games of all time and the last route is so good! This is me highly requesting it. :D (I'm also thrilled you've played it at all, but I'm still mourning the last NOlong gamer I liked who didn't complete this one TAT)

  • Please do more!

  • please continue and turn on human portraits

  • Please more 🙏

  • MOAR BIRBLUV Edit: please

  • Please can you return to this? It's the perfect mixture of intrigue and madness! I'd love to see more of these endings.

  • “Happy new year everyone!” “Shut up” “I-“ that fucking killed me

  • More more more

  • play more play more play more

  • Please play more of this❤️

  • Please play more! There are follow-up games too, and they are an absolute trip!

  • "am i gonna die? in the school nurse's office?!" well, actually...

  • I love this series but the amount of ads really gets on my nerves...

  • I know some dating sims have a thing where you can scroll with your mouse to go back or forward during the conversation.

  • Absolutely highly demand this. I have never played this game but I’m invested emotionally.

  • Please do more

  • If they ever play Danganronpa 2, I will be really disappointed if there isn't at least one "Oh he's like that one bird from hatoful boyfriend!" comment directed at Gundham

  • “C! For cranberries...” God that takes me back. Such good times. I couldn’t stop laughing when I heard it for the first time xD

  • You need to finish it. And horrify Dan. It's a journey and a sacrifice we're willing to witness.

  • I just read the Bad Boys plot summary and OMG THEY HAVE TO FINISH THIS

  • Grumps so interesting and awesome that I'll deadass be watching until I'm 80

  • I like all the windwaker playthrough references; the beans, and the parents meeting story.

  • The demand is HIGH

  • "More like hateful boyfriend" nobody tell him.

  • Posting with the hope This series gets continued And I know for a fact That more people will see the video If there are more comments And maybe the series will be considered more successful and sought after If such a thing occurs Something something minecraft something fortnite something algorithm

  • Please continue! You'll find out about the broken city

  • This is my obligatory *BRING IT BACK!!!* comment.

  • PLEASE give nageki another chance 😭

  • Ugh, I LOVE this game. And I so badly want to see the Grumps play through the whole story/"true" endings!

  • We need more bring it back!

  • Highly requested by all. Please, PLEASE.

  • N-No! No they can't just-! I..! I must-! I must beseech them! Nay, implore them! Bring back Hatoful Boyfriend! I must know!!!

  • Birds work for the bourgeoisie? Neh, we all do under capitalism. Birds aren't real? Are we real?

  • “This game is much, much deeper than I expected” oh buddy

  • I know they won’t but I would KILL for them to play this whole game. I’m desperate for them to see the true storyline

  • Please, please, PLEASE continue this series!! You won't be disappointed by the rest of the content! I desperately need to hear your renditions of Bad Boys Love.

  • Need more hatoful boyfriend O~O

  • Tell em' Nageki!


  • The endings this game has are bonkers, I really hope they decide to continue it. You two make the game so much fun to watch!


  • That "the Letter C for Cranberry" got me

  • PLEASE more Hatoful Boyfriend!! I love Arin's startingly accurate preditions

  • Oh my god, PLEASE continue this series, you guys will seriously love this game


  • Plz plz plz continue hatoful boyfriend! Also TURN ON THE ANIME BOY FACES!

  • Need moar pigeon

  • Oh man that Shadowgate reference!!

  • please god do the nageki ending, it is so good, PLEASE

  • The death ending was my first ending years ago, but a biker gang killed me in front of the school or something. So, at least it wasn't your first ending.

  • ryouta is basically just moe from the simpsons.

  • hmm.. i think the voice arin gave to shuu kinda... sounds like his uncle... a little bit

  • Loving this playthru. My second restraining order against the backstreet boys has given me the spins, and I can just close my eyes and listen to this masterpiece. I need ALL THE ENDINGS

  • i’m highly requesting more hatoful boyfriend 👁👄👁

  • Hey, Arin, the seed your birds are throwing out is millet. Certain places will just use that as filler since most birds like Sunflower seeds or peanuts.

  • More bird boys pls


  • okosan's human portrait is a bird in a suit yes.

  • 41:05 *me staring and vibrating in Hatoful Boyfriend Holiday Star*

  • Give me more of the fucking birds.

  • Bring it back, for the love of Nageki.

  • I fucking called it with Shuu being a villain of sorts

  • I need more of this thank you

  • you cannot stop it here. I need to know, what the fuck is the hawk party? and where are the other humans? is Nageki really a ghost? so many questions, AND I NEED ANSWERS DAMMIT!

  • I cant wait for them to come back to Hatoful Boyfriend and forget what voices they gave everyone

  • C O N T I N U E T H I S

  • Man, these long videos really ruins my Daily Game Grumps routin. Life is too hard!!!

  • Every time they mention the music in games. I feel like they’re playing a sick joke on us. ITS SO MUCH QUIETER THAN EVERYTHING ELSE

  • Let's not forget everyone, birds aren't real.

  • I HIGHLY DEMAND THAT YOU GUYS please do another Hatoful Boyfriend 🥺👉🏻👈🏻

  • Anghel is like this game's Gundham Tanaka...

  • Please more Hatoful Boyfriend? 🥺

  • they need to 100% this game oh my god