The Perfect ROBOT Storm - Sonic Heroes

Publisert 30. april. 2021
In the Spring of 2021, the "Game Grumps" left Super Rubber World and headed for the fishing grounds of Sonic Heros. Two weeks later, an event took place that had never occurred in recorded history. And then it happened again. And again.
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  • Azkaban is actually the worst movie of all of them.

  • 8:20

  • This was one of my small handful of PS2 games growing up - and maybe it's the reason I have so many anxiety issues as an adult.

  • Arin, you can't lie to us and say you're bad at film acting when we've all seen Lightsaber Fightsaber.

  • Who would ever really wanna go and TAKE THIS

  • Omg! How was Tibet?!

  • If any Blockbuster had an adult section, I'm pretty sure it'd be called something like "CockBuster Corner"

  • For anyone disappointed that Arin got off lucky, just remember that there's still Team Chaotix...

  • WOAH, there are speedrunners for Sonic heroes. The current top clear from Team Dark is 51 mins. XD

  • I dont get it, this game is not for kids but marketed to kids

  • 28:34 "Oh, dinosaur times were terrifying- because there were dinosaurs everywhere." I legitimately laughed out loud. Thank you for the serotonin boost, Dan!

  • You know, we had the VHS for Prisoner of Azkaban...I think maybe we still do. Watched the SHIT out of that movie. Same with the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie (watched that enough to memorize the lines). Watching those with my father, him cooking up a fresh batch of popcorn...nothing better. I really miss him, and can't wait to see him once this C- once the Backstreet Boys stop touring.

  • No! x6

  • I recently just started watching Community on Netflix (seasons 1-4 is like EXACTLY what I want from a television show) and when I watched the first episode I thought “this really reminds me of Good Game” when I saw Dan Harmon made it, I was like “The Grumps were really AMAZING on Good Game!”

  • I legit screamed "NO!" when Arin went through the goal and nearly fell off the edge...then pissed myself laughing.

  • Crash bash has a speedrunning community so I reckon hereoes just might.

  • Okay, so I was really confused that Arin had to be so precise to defeat the big hammer robot last episode even though I remember that he just punched them to death many times before and he also did again this episode. So I looked it up and the design of these hammer robots is absolutely garbage. There are actually *TWO* different hammer robot types, they just look identical. The normal ones can just be defeated by regular attacks, while the “heavy armor” ones are invincible and can only be damaged if you knock off the helmet and hit the head. BUT THEY LOOK THE SAME! There is no actual visible fortified armor that would suggest that regular attacks are useless now. They just have a helmet now. But... it's not as if the lack of a helmet was the reason why the normal hammer robots were easier to kill because they take damage from any angle. It's just... ahhhhh! It's SO BAD. It's *objectively indefensibly bad game design!* And this isn't even related to the lack of polish or some wonky controls. It's just fundamentally bad enemy design. Just take the armored knights from Wind Waker for example (which came out BEFORE this game by the way). THAT is how you make an “invincible” armored enemy. There it just feels so intuitive how the knight's armor serves as an actual protection and how its removal exposes the soft, damageable parts. It is absolutely beyond me how anybody can defend this game and blame Arin for any kind of failure on this one.

  • Actually Arin, Rouge is lifting Omega up in team blast, so she is not doing nothing.

  • Arin failing to use the character made for combat in a ground based combat scenario is making me wanna cry

  • Lol why does Arin make this game a lot harder then i remembered on the gamecube

  • 40:50 I just let out the biggest "YES!!" - great job, boys! Dan on navigation and Arin on pilot. That didn't look easy!!


  • Dear God, I know this game is clunky but Arin is SO BAD AT IT! How many times has he RUN STRAIGHT INTO ENIMIES AND GOT HIT?! WHY DOES HE KEEP RUNNING INTO THE PATH OF THE GIANT ROBOTS HAMMER?! If he took half a second to think about how to best use the characters abilities to fight the enemies the game would be so much easier!

  • 9:00 when arin missed the goal ring it left me feeling like i had a heart attack lol

  • 27:00 “She a Hoe” -Dan 2021

  • It's funny, I've never actually played a post-megadrive Sonic game, but years of watching Game Grumps has left me with a genuine love of Sonic Butt-Rock. It sounds less and less butt as time goes on, it seems.

  • I can't believe Arin called Dan out over Prisoner of Azkaban lmao I didn't wanna be "that guy" either, but I definitely made a face when Dan said Chamber of Secrets was his favorite so far! 😅

  • "I'm not usually that guy" said Arin Hanson, who previously was exactly that guy talking about Zack Snyder's Justice League.

  • That level was insane

  • This game's level design genuinely makes me want to hang myself. I envy Arin's willpower.

  • 14:18 I burped at the exact time Arin did.... again

  • 3:11 Anyone else hear that really out of character “Naturally” from Shadow?

  • In an alternate universe, Arin missed the level exit and fell off the edge. He loses his last life and is forced to restart the level. He steps into traffic.

  • 8:29 when someone repeatedly asks you the same question

  • Tfw Arin says you don't exist :(

  • Gotta have a whole intro dedicated to correcting a pronoun error with a celebrity that was in real time in the process of transitioning but yeah let's give a 10 minute shout out to Harry Potter, the franchise created by a notorious author in constant hot water about their anti-trans views. Consistency!

  • Arin: “I’m not usually that guy, but you’re objectively wrong” *crowd laughter*

  • I said earlier just wait until they get to the Robot Storm. I was very pleased with the expected result 😂

  • Genuine "NO!" incoming 8:20

  • 8:23 Can we appreciate TRUE horror right here?

  • *sees Arin using Shadow instead of Omega for a crowd of enemies by a ledge* Me: You know what, fair enough, doesn’t feel satisfying but fair enough at this point *sees Arin use Shadow instead of Omega for a crowd of enemies in a completely closed off room where there’s literally zero way he could fall off a ledge* 3:14 Me: /INTERNAL SCREAMING/😭

  • you know i just came from the last episode and i heard about the springs.... does that mean Dans in the D club?

  • Probably late to the party, but the speedrun for Team Dark is 51 minutes and 6 seconds. The more you know.

  • I laughed my ass off when Arin pronounced Cuarón in a French accent. Alfonso Cuarón is Mexican

  • wait... was there a Backstreet Boys reunion tour?

  • sonic heroes speedrun? no clue. but there are some effective strategies to play this game

  • I fucking hate how won't use omega's arm cannon the times when it is absolutely more effective than Shadow...

  • I would slap Arin the fuck back

  • On what rogue does for the teamblast, i think, she lifts up roboman

  • I thought i was the only one whos fav potter movie is the second one!

  • If 8:28 had actually gone south, it may have beat out the Mario Sunshine pachinko board as the most heartbreaking / funniest moment ever

  • Aww Danny - Chamber of Secrets is my favourite too!! :D

  • I don't even regester them saying back street boys reunion tour anymore. It's just become synonymous with the real meaning at this point

  • y'know who else is always up to no good? inglewood

  • my dad just told me he doesn't want to set the alarm on his iphone, because it tells the chinese when he wakes up. if he only knew about the microwave listening in... :O

  • The Harry Potter movies are awesome, it's just a shame J.K. Rawlings is such a terrible human being.

  • Yes, because kansas is only known for its plains. 😠😠😠

  • 14:13 Release the crackin'! :P

  • This may actually be the most tense episode of game grumps ive ever witnessed

  • Never thought I would agree with Arin without thinking much or arguing first.....but he saying "Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkaban" is the best movie in the franchise actually made me smile

  • When Dan shouts “no” so genuinely the mic peaks and you can hear his house’s reverb

  • Danny liking Alan Rickman as Snape pleases me, he was the perfect actor for it

  • At this point, it's way too late to explain the level system lol

  • Azkaban is objectively the worst in the series but okay lol.

  • billy what you favorite ep the one where they talk about dan dog voice for a long time

  • not Dan bragging about watching Harry Potter in 2021.

  • Arin: "Yesterday I had a terrible day and today I feel great!" What sorcery is this?

  • Robot Storm was the first time Arin really needed to engage with the game’s combat system. It was... weirdly beautiful to watch.

  • It looks like the invincibility frames either: end as soon as the stun lock ends, rendering them entirely useless; OR don't make you invincible at all, rendering them entirely useless.

  • Well, you know what they say: 𝓇𝑒𝒶𝓁 𝑒𝓎𝑒𝓈 𝓇𝑒𝒶𝓁𝒾𝓏𝑒 𝓇𝑒𝒶𝓁 𝓁𝒾𝑒𝓈

  • I'm so glad you annihilated those three robots at the end on your first try at them, I was so nervous for you lmao

  • FoR tHe AlGoRiThM

  • Azkaban is the WORST movie

  • I remember my brother doing this part of the game i think he got stuck

  • how long until arin realises if you attack whilst you're already moving your power character will do a dash attack. And also the "wizard" (bishop) heal their allies, indicated by the note mark above them

  • I mean, if you're near a cliff, and someone screams "KILL", it's probably a good rule of thumb to avoid the edge anyway

  • 40:14 gotta love it when Arin is just straight up panicking as if he is dying, while straight up DEMOLISHING the place XD

  • I’ve never seen a game that chooses the worst camera angle every single moment of every game, including the cutscenes

  • To answer your question Aaron yes I got you, I beat this game 100% & the bull** all team run -no breaks- on one life run! I kid you not this broke me😖it haunts me to this day

  • Omega is pretty awesome at Level 3.

  • Swallowed a freshly eaten jolly rancher when they glided through thaT RING

  • OK, I agree with Arin that Prisoner of Azkaban is OBJECTIVELY the best Harry Potter movie, but I hate that he would shoot down Dan's liking Chamber of Secrets (or any other one) simply based on how well a movie is made. Personally, I hold CoS just as highly as PoA, because it delivers that happy magical feeling from those 1st 2 movies SO well. Both movies (CoS and PoA) end with terrific closure.

  • The explanation for Team Dark's Team Blast is is that after Shadow Freezes Time with a Chaos Emerald, Rouge uses another Chaos Emerald that SHE has to turbo charge Gamma, making it so he can fire the ridiculous super laser on all the time frozen enemies. So Rouge actually DOES technically play a part... but realistically Shadow could do her part after using Chaos Control by using that same emerald he has

  • me seeing arin not fly toss the characters into the balloons for rings hurt me

  • 41:37 you'd understand if you'd finish shadow the hedgehog

  • I can’t stop rewatching “I am a car I am a car I am a car I am a car”

  • To be fair most people would be startled from hearing "Anihilation!" or "Kill!" in their everyday life.

  • Can we talk about the fact that throughout this episode eggman isn't actually circling the arena from far away he's just smaller?

  • Right there with you Danny. I've watched all the HP movies and read all the books numerous times and my favorite movie is Chamber of Secrets (although my favorite book is Order of the Phoenix).

  • Omfg 8:35 I screamed lol

  • my bloodpressure is just too damn high to keep watching this and not yell at my screen about Arin's gameplay

  • The" Robot storm" The exact moment Sonic heroes becomes SuperRubberRoss world "Boss Rush" Arin can run but can't hide from his unfished business

  • I wish I was in the alternate timeline where I could hear Arin's scream when he sped right through the finish line, and had the realization he was on hist last life.

  • I loved this game as a kid. I can totally be the person that takes the controller and says “I got this.”

  • Alright @grumpout. Time for another "NO!!!!" for the channel

  • Rouge lifts Omega off the ground so he can do the rotation thing, right?

  • 8:30 The double panic LOL

  • I got 3 sonic heroes episodes on backlog. Now I can get all the suffering at once! Yay!

  • Arin. Steps out into traffic. Gets Isekaied into Sonic Heroes. Noooooo!

  • "To each their own, but you are incorrect" sounds a lot like my favorite phrase: "You're allowed to have an opinion, even if that opinion is wrong"