Not Making Things Hard Enough On Ourselves - Ultimate chicken horse

Publisert 18. april. 2021
UGH! We're just too good at recognizing the limit of our abilities and setting reasonable, obtainable goals!
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#gaming #UltimateChickenHorse #selfCare


  • This game is adorable

  • Arin destroys while Dan creates is such a beautiful site


  • More, please

  • I hope that they continue to play this game until they get really good at it

  • They should play this game with Achievement Hunter to really learn how to play this fun game.

  • its too easy if you both make it across

  • So glad you guys finally played this! Please make another episode of this game.

  • They just don't understand that it says Too Easy because they both finished the level.

  • More!

  • Im glad they stumbled upon this game. My friend and I found this one night trying to look for free games on steam and we play it so much. It's much more fun and chaotic with 4 people

  • It's like the recess game "horse" but also chicken

  • This was incredibly entertaining. I would love to see more of this! Heck, I might go get this game for myself!

  • I hope Dan and Arin learn more mechanics and come back to this. It’s a fun game

  • Arin is the living definition of "hoist by his own petard".

  • This game is *way* better with 4. I highly suggest you make this into a Steam Train series.

  • This uploaded on my birthday

  • IT SAYS SOO EASY BC YOU BOTH WON sorry had to get that out my system

  • As someone who loves this game and plays frequently. If everyone playing makes it to the finish line then there are no points given. You always get points for coins. If your item kills someone and anyone finishes then you get points for the trap (even if you’ve died). The portal looking thing is actually a portal but you need two of them to make it work. The bees are activated if anyone touches it and they will go after who touches it unless someone else is closer.

  • This is the first time I've watched people not knowing how to play this game. I think my friend saw the Achievement Hunters play it? But a group of three of us would play, so seeing two with two items each and stuff is so confusing to me.

  • please play more!


  • More pls, but get more people


  • More UCH with more people

  • I think your opponent has to die for it not to be "easy" anymore

  • I freaking love this game. Omg. It’s so fun 😂

  • The ultimate chicken/raccoon titles gave me serious danganronpa flash backs

  • Dan yelling "FEELING GOOD ON A WEDNESDAY!" while falling to his death absolutely killed me. I hope they come back to this game.

  • This guys is alive justification of the tutorials in games.

  • Please play more!

  • More!!!!!

  • "too easy" means all players made it to the flag. You need to make it hard so one person dies, then you get points 🙄

  • People in the comments, who are AH?

  • I want another episode of this, but with you guys playing it as a race. Trying to co-op and take turns will get you nowhere

  • I freaking love this game

  • YES! Arin finally realized what “too easy” means! Aaaaand there’s less than two minutes left...

  • I fully support more of this game

  • This game is best with 4 ppl... I think if they did the game with Ross and someone else (Suzy maybe?) then it'd be really great...

  • Please play more yes

  • Ahhh an episode where Arin and Dan punch bees

  • OMG you guys have never played ultimate chicky do?! Ooooooohhhhh my god you have to play more! The sticky yellow stuff aka cheese you can stick stuff to it like the ones that just turn around in place you stick things to the cheese part to make them also move around with it. Also the reason it keeps saying to easy is because everyone made it someone has to die for points to happen.

  • Too easy just means that all players were able to complete it. Someone needs to lose in order for you to win.

  • This is such a great game. The reason behind the name is that it's a game of chicken, in that you have to be bold, but also a game of horse, where if you miss, your opponent has the chance to get ahead of you. It gets really crazy once you figure out the rotating pieces and using Honey as glue. Absolutely insane.

  • I don't think I have ever said this...but they are really playing this wrong. This was the perfect game for Super Mario 3d world Dan to meet 100ft Robot Golf Arin.

  • That synchronized "ah fuck" at 20:57 is satisfying as hell.

  • This game's online multiplayer cannot be this bad. The amount of times poor connection was on Arin's screen might as well have made it an honorary third player.

  • First ever comment on one of your shows, please play more :)

  • Best video!

  • I love this game it is so much fun

  • You guys need to play the new Super Mario 3D World DLC Bowser's Fury!

  • Play Sly Cooper series please!

  • Just you wait til they learn how to _R O T A T E_ their pieces

  • PLEASE play more!

  • I really want them to play this with four people and ross being one of the four!

  • I had accidentally left it on x2 speed and everything was very surprising

  • i hope they find out about the small stuff you can do during building like rotating pieces and that the yellow sticky stuff (glue) holds things and spin shit around.......arin vs ross

  • I wish some day, maybe for a Power Hour episode after the Backstreet Boys Reunion Tour finally ends, they build Dan a gaming PC of his own and they do it with Linus' help.

  • The fact neither of them used the honey properly insults me on a personal level

  • Dan, Arin, the goal of this game is to make the OTHER person lose, but to where YOU can still win.

  • please play more of this

  • "More onion please!" -Arin Hansen

  • More of this please!!!

  • Totally play more! This game is great with friends. Bring Ross and such.

  • I would love to see this played more!


  • We need more episodes 😢



  • I'm so used to the mad dash of Achievement Hunter playing this game, it's so disorienting to see them choose obstacles so slowly and to hear "okay you go first"...

  • This is my official request for an arin vs michael Jones on this game

  • Please sir, can I have some more

  • 13:21 ああSHIT! それはケンスターくん先輩! 早く、行くぜ!

  • Another episode of "men don't understand one of my favorite games"

  • Can't wait for them to figure out that the sticky bits let you attach block to them so they will move with spiny and moving things

  • For pete sake invite Ross and play it!

  • Please play more! I’d love to watch you guys play it with a group of 4!

  • You can change the direction you place things too

  • Too easy is when you both survive

  • Need a team of 4

  • More of this

  • I can't believe the new mic makes Dan's voice EVEN SOFTER

  • Would love more of this :D

  • I liked the part where they felt good on a wednesday for a LOOOOONG time!

  • I want to see them play this with Ross

  • You guys really should play more of this

  • Game is fun with multiplayers hope they consider to play with others - anyways encore!!!!!!

  • Play again with Ross

  • I'm surprised you never heard of this. Mark and Saun played this years ago.


  • PLEASE play this and invite Ross to join

  • They spent an entire episode not realizing they were competing.

  • You better play that old mansion! This game rips mean shits!

  • This game is an absolute blast to play with 4 people over Parsec or remote-play if you know someone that owns it. There's a whole other layer of dickery when you start to attach things to other things using the honey and unlock the remaining 10 levels (There're cheat codes you can put in if you don't want to unlock them manually. And you don't even have to pay for them. Remember that?)

  • It’s deemed too easy if everyone playing makes it to the goal

  • So we bought too many games (on steam) and now we gotta play this one (them all). Are we all aboard with this idea?

  • Would be a great game for some collabed, if love to see them play it with ross

  • Please play more! You can even play locally with controllers whenever you guys are back together.

  • .......I have never seen Dan pull such shenanigans in my life.

  • Pls play more of this I love it 😂😂