Dan Channels Grandmaster Pill Billbus- Chess

Publisert 13. april. 2021
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While Arin channels the spirit of someone who has barely learned chess.
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  • Dan: "You crack me up little buddy." Dan is Sam, from Sam and Max confirmed. Also if they haven't played any of those games yet they really, really need to.

  • Music at 23:05 is the song that Vsauce sometimes ends his videos in... Had to do a triple take with the song cause it sounded so familiar

  • Danny 29:16 Rook to B3, instead you should have moved Queen to B2. GG to the GG's

  • I love their sponsor ads.

  • Why tf is Dan's voice so relaxing

  • Do they mean Bobby Fisher or was it Tommy Fisher or was it Regus Billman

  • 17:54

  • We've all had that one friend we have played chess with, Dan. Don't sweat it ;P

  • Pill Billbus..?

  • Mom: Don't worry, we have The Queen's Gambit at home. The Queen's Gambit at home:

  • Arin: "I'm glad you're seeing it as I'm seeing it, man." Dan: "Did you... did you go?" Arin: "Did you not see it?" Dan: "I did not see it."

  • Another outstandingly beautiful ad Arin


  • Move 22 not gonna lie

  • This is the 1st time Ive seen the Grumps doing a sponsor video... so bizarre

  • Dan’s endgame tho. Oof.

  • Arin, buddy, your anxiety is through the roof Smoke a f****** joint 😎💨💨

  • Please let Arin know that his experiments with trying to sell things is amazing. Sometimes they are SO BAD, sometimes they are hilariously good, and this one... is TV worthy. It catches your attention, it's not overboard, it's very clear and easy to understand, and instantly hits the button with many people within the first 30 seconds (actually 31 - almost, Arin!) The baby one was incredibly notable but I have NO idea what he was selling because I was just focused on it's weirdness lol This add is good. Also episode also good but mostly impressed with his add. Arin knows what he is doing.

  • I never thought I'd be happy to watch a 2.5 minute ad

  • Man why dont I watch more game grumps! I fricking love these guys

  • OMG they should play 5D chess...

  • "nobody collecting your data and selling it to other people"... Eeeexcept for Nord doing it themselves

  • Next they should play 5d chess with multiverse time travel

  • Arin: mentions Red Alert 2 me: "PLAY COMMAND AND CONQUER YOU COWARDS!"

  • I've read both Bram Stoker's "Dracula" and Sheridan Le Fanu's "Carmilla" and between the two I was really more impressed with "Carmilla"... It may not have had the fame of Bram Stoker's work and I didn't really like about a quarter of the novella feels very repetitive... BUT despite being an older vampire story than "Dracula" it was almost as smooth to read as any modern work of fiction typically is... The same cannot be said of "Dracula" where the writing very much has an 1800s feel to it that can leave you a bit lost on what exactly is happening (had the same issue with Jeremias Gotthelf's "The Black Spider" (aka "Die Schwarze Spinne"))... Also with "Carmilla", not only is the writing style smoother to read and more modern than Dracula (despite the story being written like 25 years before "Dracula"), but the themes in the story are also more modern... It kind of has a lesbian theme going on between two characters which is not something you'd expect from a book this old, it just has a surprisingly progressive feel to it which makes it a bit unique... There's some other things I also liked about "Carmilla", but I don't want to get too spoilery... I guess I'll say that I thought it handled climatic scenes better in my opinion...

  • The "take this" bit will never get old

  • I appreciate the advertisement being made in a way that's still entertaining.

  • "Well that's just rude." Uhhh Arin. The game is pretty rude.

  • Phil Billbus would be proud that Danny winz!! ♟

  • chessmaster pill billbus lives rent free in my head

  • As I am the worst at chess in my entire family, I wish I could see how I'd do against Arin lmao. Two anxiety-ridden messes, not really knowing what they're doing and just getting more and more anxious as they keep losing pieces

  • There were 3 time where I suggested different moves to Dan. he sort of got them done, but later then he needed to. I was barely paying attention to Arin, he was just floundering. He did defend against one my suggested moves before Dan took it, and frankly, I don't think it was on purpose, based on how it was played. Arin most certainly does not have "the sight".

  • I need/want more mancala

  • "What would Pill Bilbus Do!?" however its spelled, I love the names Arin said. I dunno if any of those people are real, but I hope at least one is!

  • My father is incredibly good at chess. I remember only beating him once. It was Christmas time and he was a little tipsy and so made a dumb mistake and lost his queen early on. He was fuming the rest of the game and after I won he demanded a rematch. I have never in my entire life felt the full force of someone devoted to my utter and complete destruction before that moment. He set the entirety of his intellect towards my defeat. I was no longer his son, I was an obstacle in the path of victory.

  • 13:20 When I see my bird's birdseed.

  • Around 21:50 is one of those times when we can see where Dan's going with that knight, and we actually see Arin think ONE MOVE ahead, and respond accordingly 😅 It makes for some entertaining Grumpage though.

  • I'm not a chessologist but I think Arin was talking about Bobby Fischer?

  • “Calm down, you’re only down one piece.” “werl, THATSA LOTTA PIECE!”

  • Arin is the only person on earth who makes watching ads fun.

  • Did anybody else hear it's the only way in obama's voice?

  • With Dan's super chill nature, I would love to play a game of chess with him

  • Arin. If a game makes you mad, don't suggest to play it. Or don't play it at all. This can't be any amount of fun for you of for anyone involved.

  • The boys know Satch and Vai. I love these boys

  • I love it when Dan updates us on Arin's facial expressions.

  • I love this advert

  • Dan could have check mated Arin like 3 times before.

  • I think Arin was confusing Dark Souls characters for chess players near the end there.

  • That intro ad feels like an episode of Peep Show

  • Did Dad intentionally ignore the checkmate to extend the episode to 30 min?

  • Okay, was he full of shit about the Dracula hardcover?.... cuz, I ain't seein it

  • Wait a minute: Does that thing say Arin has an Elo rating of 1200? How is Arin so bad against Dan?

  • 29:57 Arin mentioned at least 4 dark souls characters trying to think of the chess guy

  • Show dog!

  • Nord VPN doesn't work on netflix like they claim, their servers get black listed quickly

  • Everytime the Grumps play chess I get happy until I remember how bad Arin is at Chess.

  • Everyone down on Arin, but I just keep seeing how Dan missed opportunities to end the game in just a few moves.

  • I hate these chess episodes. Arin just gets angry after probably the most common opener in Chess and keeps yelling at Dan for trying to at least kinda play the game correctly. Chess is just not made to be enjoyed, neither as player nor as viewer.

  • If I were in the same position as Arin with the Queen-King fork I would have made the same mistake. I, too, was tunneled in on protecting that bishop.

  • i cant think that much in four dimensions...... hes so fucking stupid

  • They talk about en passant literally every time lol

  • I didn't know Arin was a red alert fan! That makes me like him so much more

  • Why does it sound like Dan just isn't really in it anymore. I can't really blame him.

  • Game grumps sponsorship ads are the only ads i watch on NOlong. Theres nothing better out there. Change my mind

  • episode starts at 4:47

  • Arin really did the ad voice for 2 and half minutes

  • anyone notice that an adblocker like vpn needs to show adds to let people know they block adds?

  • how did Dan lose 20 elo?

  • Arin: _Gets mad at __5:51_ Dan: "10 minutes and 31 seconds is when Arin gets mad."

  • 19:20 - 19:35 should be a video on its own. So casual but so funny 😆

  • Arin, you are a master marketeer. These have to be the only ads I actually watch on youtube.

  • 7:18 Dan just turned into Zelgius from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

  • was that Vsauce music?

  • Co-Op game idea!! Untitled Geese Game!! 🦢

  • Me and my uncle played chess for 3 hours once (going on 4, really) and I was clearly doomed by hour 2 but I kept my king alive by just barely avoiding every move he threw at me. I lost in the end of course, but I'm proud that I survived for like an hour with just 4 pieces left and stubbornness.

  • “Arin, I don’t know what to say. This is a show where we say things.”

  • I thought they added in the music until arin mentioned it i can't believe they put that music in a chess game

  • Pill Billbus!

  • Checkmate at 30:01 Rook to B1 - I kinda feel like this was just Dan prolonging Arins suffering

  • I thought Arin was a Magic player... (and kind of good at it) I know Chess and Magic are different, but they're both turn based strategy games that require forward thinking at their core. Is he playing up being bad at chess, or has he just never really played it before?

  • Can we please have them play chess irl on camera? It would be SO entertaining.

  • Dan's dedication to still saying "check" verbally every time he puts Arin in check on virtual chess that already let's him know he's in check really shows how professional he is. Wow. Arin pointed it out as I was typing this. XD

  • The ring lights really make Arin look sad in B&W. Sad anime video game boy.

  • Good grief that ad skit was 3 minutes long 😅 arin you are dedicated

  • I don't know what bit Arin's going for, but every time he verbally abuses Dan in these chess eps (even though I know it's a bit!) it takes me out of it

  • 23:10 Arin made it until 23:10 before he lost it. Thats a new record I think.

  • The ad had this cool 90's anti drug promotion vibe, and I was here for it

  • I love Grumps and I love chess. but i’m ten minutes into this and extremely bored haha. update when it picks up

  • yo that ad at the beginning is so dang close to his face haha

  • "Kill a man, take his shoes, so I can be more comfortable" will always make me cackle when I hear it

  • Watching Arin play is... Hard.

  • Watching Arin play is so stressful for me

  • Please play 5d chess with multiverse time travel

  • That advert for NordVPN was intense...

  • " I can't think in 4 dimensions!" Well good chess is technically 2d. Theirs no vertical planes.

  • Any body else use cc on NOlong lol when arin says 1 month free it thinks he is saying one month 3.

  • 2 minutes and 30 seconds ad? my fast-forward-five-seconds finger is getting tired

  • Videogame Boy vs Mr. Chess, what a duel!

  • It's so funny how Dan allways had his king ready to castle and the queen haven't moved anywhere for that long. Such a hopeless game for Arin LOL

  • as an avid chess fan, I really would like to know who Arin had in mind when he said "Pill BIllbus"