The BEST of Danganronpa - Game Grumps Compilations (Part 1)

Publisert 16. april. 2021
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  • Why did my NaeGami simp self not realize til now so much of the Byakuya interaction gold from their playthrough? /wheezes;

  • listening the Arin do a girl voice is making me get Doki Doki lit club flashbacks

  • 8:00

  • This has to be one of my all time favorite play through series.

  • All the japanese detective games the grumps play are always delightfully homoerotic

  • 21:18 - Conductor of the WHAT?!

  • "Oops someone stabbed me"- Arin jokingly says as Sayaka 🤣 how do they do it!?

  • “These two are doing each other right in the aIrTiGhT aLiBiS!!!!” Great line.

  • This game is overrated

  • The way they correctly guessed so much of the game when they were just joking around is genuinely insane to me.

  • man... after finisihing this series and then seeing all of this and how evereyhting clicks..

  • Sayaka was writing makoto's name, but she ended up having to write LEON

  • Please play the second one! I love this series!

  • Sayaka, we barely knew thee

  • All I know is pain I'm 17 minutes in and I smiled about three times. I haven't laughed, I haven't chuckled, all I feel is pain and regret for even thinking of watching this shit. Edit: at 20:19 I actually chuckled. What the fuck is wrong with me

    • @Faulty Videos ah Personally I disagree but I can see what you mean

    • @PenguinPWN it's so fucking boring. Im not even kidding, I was so bored that I freaked out at the sound of my own laughter

    • Why do you hate it so much lol

  • Got an add for lasagna. What timing.

  • The placement of the AD right after "iiitttsss punishment time!" Is a little...weell..

  • You guys should play the sequel

  • Ding Dong Bing Bong...and the world was never the same.

  • Oh wow... I forgot how much I missed Italian Sayaka.


  • please for the love of god play danganronpa 2

  • if they do play the second one itll be hilarious! now i just have to hope they wont play the third one...

  • Italian princess Maizono is an international TREASURE

  • Watch out for Murder Bear Machines that look like plushies. ..?

  • After watching grumps play this I played danganronpa 2 and the characters are even more interesting and I loved the game! After you beat it you have the option of playing the game as a dating sim!

  • This will go down in history as one of the worst playthroughs of Danganronpa, next to DSP and CinnamonToastKen

    • I wholeheartedly agree

  • 2:21 Me who has now just finished UDG: :O

  • Well done Arin

  • M u r d e r i n g S a y a k i

  • 34:46 there is actually a faint echo right after he said that

  • Just waiting for Dingus Dangus Ranpus Dongus 2

  • Man, Dan's puns were off the roof during that let's play xD

  • italian sayaka was my favorite running gag of the the whole year

  • 44:03 has lived in my head for months. Just the cut to poor traumatized Taka isn't funny by itself, but the Grumps laughing turns it into a comedy cue that gets me every time. I loved this series.

  • Ready for Danganronpa 2?

  • When are you guys gonna play the second one?

  • I find it funny that when they said "When I was trying to force it open to kill Sayaka, it was totally locked" was probably exactly what was going through Leon's head.

  • Arin: it smells like shit in here!! *me who's currently taking a shit* Me: oh sorry

  • Ding Dong Bing Bong boy always kills me

  • I'm not completely sure, but I think Conspiracy Theorist ByAkUyA is my favorite part of this series

  • God damn, this is glorious. Put it on the grump hall of fame

  • Big fan of these two. Danny Despair and Hope Hanson.

  • I wonder if Arin realises that more people would watch these if he didn't do that fucking girl voice

  • Wow a lot of this is... One really boring Mario joke? Danganronpa wasn't even good for jokes? And everyone in the comments thinks it is comedy gold. Glad I didn't watch this... Maybe the grumps are just not my thing anymore.

  • 28:40 I choked on my cereal! 😂😂😂

  • please please do zero time dilemma next, your minds are gonna get fucked

  • When you have a multi-part best of compilation and still miss out several great jokes, you know it's a good series. I look forward to DR2.

  • I’m super pumped for Dan and Arin to play danganronpa 2

  • Phoenix Wright

  • Day 3 of asking Game Grumps to play It Takes Two


  • I couldn't be the only one who was relieved that the Sayaka thing didn't last very long

  • So fun fact I learned: the difficulty with the first trial is the fact that in the original Japanese version Leon is still written in English. So to a Japanese audience it would in fact look more like numbers than letters.

    • @momo xhienie yeah, tho in fairness I did have to look it up for me to even learn this, so I understand the confusion

    • THIS. Unfortunately not a lot of people don't try to see it from the Japanese audiences' perspective so they just call the characters dumb for not figuring it out right away.

  • I'm so glad I requested this to them

  • I dont need sleep i need the game grumps to play danganronpa 2.

  • I Personally think that the Sayaka being Italian is the worst bit in they've had for danganronpa because they completely ruined her character. It was funny at first but got really old really fast.

  • Can’t wait for Danganronpa 2 and Danganronpa V3, but variation is key.

  • I still die from “I’m peeking.”, and how they had Juko want potatoes. “My mouth is ready to receive the potato now; more potatoes please!” 😂

  • Now it’s time for SDR2

  • Ah yes, the series that made the most people quit game grumps

  • One of my favorite series they've done. Hope the do some of the other games in the series!

  • I've come to realize there are two kinds of people in this world: B'yAK-yA, and NOT B'yAK-yA.

  • 34:28 this will always crack me up

  • What episodes does this compilation cover?

  • I think a supercut of every "Nice" coin would be fun.

  • Game Grumps: Posts Danganronpa content. Viewers: GoooooOOOOD MORNING STUDENTS!!! It's time for another BEEEEE-YUTIFUL DAY!!!~

  • Why do they swear?

  • Please, please play the second game. Danganronpa 2 is the best in the series!

  • Yessss 😔😔😭😭😭🙌🙌🙌

  • Most of this is just Sayaka and Byakuya, and I love it 😂😂😂

  • Can wait for you guys to play goodbye despair

  • Dan gone run pa!

  • "hog in your mouth, wind in your face, that's 69 baby!"

  • My favorite Buddha Elvis song has to be Blue Suede Robes.

  • Byakuya's voice was very Dan-like at first, I'm realizing just now lol

  • Petition for Game Grumps to play Danganronpa 2, sign here

  • I finished my 3 day binge of this series 12 hours after they posted this compilation. I need them to play the second!

  • All this time playing hatoful bf could be spent on danganranpa 2 just saying

  • Junko: *dies* Dan: Aw, man, I really liked her! Me, in Arin’s voice: It’s not over, Dan.

  • Wow this series started nearly half a year ago. Let that sink in

  • We need more italian Arin

  • Ah yes... the Danganranpa experience...

  • Hope they play the sequels 😂

  • Ew no stop

  • I love that they constantly make snarky remarks about a character's dialogue, just to press next and have another character make that exact same remark.

  • I miss this playthrough so much

  • Mario fan girl up in here!!!!😏

  • It wasnt about the friends we killed in the end but the *ding dong bing bong* we made along the way.

  • How is this video longer than 15 seconds long? That was a horrible 3 months of videos.

  • I cannot wait for these guys to play danganronpa 2

  • PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEAAAASSSSEEE PLAY DANGANRONPA 2!!! I’m literally begging! There’s poop jokes? Please!

  • Despair girls: Toko gets slightly bigger hands!!!

  • This series was a classic. I'm really hoping that Danganronpa turns into a GG regular. I hope the other games are as strange as the first.

  • 7:59

  • I hate that I was watching this and looked up at the time and saw it was 11:37...

  • Bro dangan 2 yeah no maybe

  • you know a series is good when half the comments are different moments that DIDN'T make the hour long compilation

  • i cant believe they didnt make a byakyuanon joke

  • noooooooooooooooooooooooo

    • this was just to increase engagement