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Game Grumps: Dan and Arin playin' games, gettin' mad and being bad!

Episodes now LONGER and GIRTHIER. We've changed the format up a bit and increased the length of gameplay episodes!! Most episodes will be 30-60 mins now!

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40:02Defending the WEEBDOM - Pictionary
32:38Arin shares his UFO STORY! - Links Awakening
32:16PEEHAT - Links Awakening
PEEHAT - Links AwakeningGanger 213 k7 dager siden
31:45Getting SCHVITZY - Links Awakening
Getting SCHVITZY - Links AwakeningGanger 211 k7 dager siden
33:18Preeminent Puzzle LORDS - Links Awakening
33:18Goopy Poopy - Links Awakening
Goopy Poopy - Links AwakeningGanger 282 k14 dager siden
32:57Dan COMPLETELY BLOWS IT!!*  - Links Awakening
33:54Legend of Mario - Links Awakening
Legend of Mario - Links AwakeningGanger 396 k21 dag siden


  • Lo. a better time

  • 26:29

  • Is a Vs. video, game has a regular 2 player set up... Yet Arin still finds a way to convolute it.

  • Almost forgot to watch this today

  • One of my neighbors had this game when I was little. We had no idea how to play. (We were too young to play word games and really know what shit was.)

  • Giants and cowboys. That’s a whole lotta hurt right there

  • 8:30 well yeah hiro you got it right

  • They should just get MatPat for a quick Guest Grump episode to beat this level and then with the remaining like 20 minutes, I dunno, just beat the shit out of him. While complimenting him excessively, of course. But to be serious, I can only speak for myself, but I don't need to see them finish this when it means Arin gets legitimately miserable and stressed.

  • When I feel the snake bite enter my Veins. Never did I wanna be here again, and I don't remember why I came.

  • @0:11 is possessed me getting a sandwich at 3 AM

  • The poster of Sayori dying shows up twice, and they still haven't noticed.

  • Dan, are you confusing alliteration and allegory?

  • Well I know I’m 4 years late with this one: “TAKE THE SHOT” 😂. June 19, 2021.

  • @0:28 is the villager when I have no emeralds and nothing to trade for. (side note: the Reese's pieces and Starbursts are the emeralds)

  • "You're such a sussy baka" 🤣who let Danny on the internet again!?

  • I see a t-shirt opportunity...

  • BarryKevinMattRyanBenEditor will be uploading part 4 any second. They were just waiting for the extended format, you see. It will come. And it will SMITE ALL OUR ENEMIES AND TAKE US TO THE PROMISED LAND.

  • Dude the fact that Arin didn’t laugh at Dans SAIL rip bro

  • I can’t believe it was actually George Washington.

  • Oh, it's an ad with Arin. *Arin screams insanely* Yep. That's our guy.

  • The beginning is me when I think I may get married. @0:34 is me when I tell my friends about my life.


  • 13:20 maybe a flute?

  • Moar plz

  • I honestly feel bad for Arin when he feels existential when playing. Grumpy Arin is hilarious but when I can see it starting to actually hurt him I don't enjoy as much. :(

  • If yall dont finish this game I swear- boiiiss if you don't 😤

  • I think I might kno wat arin was trying to say with his thought though I could be completely wrong I think he was trying to say something along the lines of why does gimel look like the candles on the menorah if it's bad or something like that like I said I could be completely wrong btw I kno this is old but I don't care

  • I do weaving and felt big brain

  • Dan saying sussy Baka triggered my fight or flight reflex

  • 29:27 holy shit I never noticed that about the FedEx logo

  • 1:24 should have made the animation

  • The Quaker Oats guy is William penn the founder of Pennsylvania

  • Pretty sure Dans first loss was 'Scale' like the scales of justice. That type of scale

  • "It has no business having the most banging soundtrack of all time." That's how you know it's from Tim Follin!

  • I wish they put in the outro where Jacob Anderson is doing his best American accent, that's my all time favorite outro!

  • My best guess for vertical was "gameplan"

  • Big ups to the editors for including the filled in art

  • Arin: its gotta be Toe Pictionary: Throws up 10 blank spaces. Arin: I've made a terrible mistake

  • Gonna be real honest guys. I turned on BotW to play while I watched, and I have NO idea what is going on in this game.

  • 34:04 It's dignity! Gah! Don't you even know dignity when you see it?

  • Do cars still have sparkplugs...

  • 6:26 I’m here at my friends house, she’s sleeping on the couch across from me and her 4yo sister is sleeping in the bed on the other side of the room, and I’m here trying not to throw up from laughter.

  • everyone knows the opposite direction of weft is wight

  • This video is too load. If I make it any lower, it mutes..

  • 22:00 Danny boomer moments

  • (MeatCanyon's Ronald Voice) *ooooh, so you HAVEN"T had a BIGG MACC??~~* *That's, not, very, Goood...*

  • I CAN NOT wait for them to play DR2 I’m so excited!!!

  • I'm watching this 3 years later (after just finishing a day's long journey of beating Darker Side of the Moon.....DAMN YOU NO CHECKPOINTS) and hearing them argue over which movie "Somewhere Out There" is from, is still the funniest thing, hands down, ever.

  • 18:14 ... Markiplier..? That you, bud?

  • I thought Arin had a vendetta against almonds?

  • Romance Suzy

  • Romance girl.

  • Wow.

  • Editor has saved me a whole night of pain by giving the answers 🙏

  • 29:00 you will never get rid of her

  • That was Asian George Washington

  • The rare moment when Ross delights Arin instead of enraging him.

  • Note to self: 14:50 Thank you past me!

  • for the animated, I want to see this game, but also mix in clips from other episodes to give them weirder words.

  • 39:31 Arin sang like Jon in Games Grumps VS, did anyone noticed that?!

  • Say "Global goo blob" five times fast

  • Welp, there's a nightmare scenario. You're in a burning building, you go to the window and yell for help, you see Firemen ready to catch you, you leap out...then realize they meant they were ready for the OTHER person jumping, not you.

  • I love the chaotic start of this compilation lol

  • Arin: Mickey Mouse Dan: *dies of laughter*

  • 6:04 as baot from it 1

  • Bruh Dan. If southwest didn't work- PUT NORTHEAST

  • 8:22 les get yo belt back

  • the way i actually thought Dan had an anchor tattoo to honor his time spent in the navy in 1945 for a solid minute makes me want to cry

  • From the bottom of my heart thank you for always trying to make interesting ads I have seen the raycon script so many times but the your format made me watch the whole thing

  • 0:02

  • Head looking like this 👽

  • Is Arin actually related to John Hanson? Because that’s pretty cool

  • I was confused for a sec on the Brazil nuts because none of us brazilians call them that

  • "WTF JAPAN" I agree 100% Dan

  • Bunny man man bunny pls bunny of man bunny the super… Edit: I have recovered from my stroke.

  • We need a shirt of Dan's George Washington

  • Thanks Game Grumps team!