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Game Grumps: Dan and Arin playin' games, gettin' mad and being bad!

Episodes now LONGER and GIRTHIER. We've changed the format up a bit and increased the length of gameplay episodes!! Most episodes will be 30-60 mins now!

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31:57Smegmacle CATS - Sonic Heroes
Smegmacle CATS - Sonic HeroesGanger 188 kDag siden
32:52Sonic PSYCH Ward - Sonic Heroes
Sonic PSYCH Ward - Sonic HeroesGanger 232 k8 dager siden
42:08The Perfect ROBOT Storm - Sonic Heroes
31:25ASSIDUOUS Turtle Killing - Sonic Heroes
ASSIDUOUS Turtle Killing - Sonic HeroesGanger 231 k15 dager siden
32:48Colonic Heroes! - Sonic Heroes
Colonic Heroes! - Sonic HeroesGanger 270 k15 dager siden
31:01Monopoly, but WITHOUT Monopolies?! - Monopoly


  • In some cases if you let the drummer sing...the shows over ...but on most cases that shit looks impossible! :D in a good way!

  • Adding to the conversation as to bands that drummers sing: Aston Irwin from 5SOS

  • Last episode: *Misses two torches* This episode: “Oh, he accidentally hit reset! Now he has another chance to get every tor-*misses more torches* DAMMIT!!”

  • 1:16 I made that joke literally 2 seconds before Arin did 🤣

  • Watching Arin desperately trying to go back is so frustrating because he waste so much time on it when the troches he missed were closer to the beginning

  • The "ah, the french" censoring at the beginning broke me

  • 2:08 *PTSD intensity increasing*

  • Please do more space quests, pleasssseee!!!!!

  • Sees cannon, jumps in as speed class.. Nothing. Jumps in as flight class... Nothing. Turns to power class..., and wont jump into the cannon ... Arin:I think i broke the game

  • How can one man be so bad at team blasting?


  • Me: Raging because he missed some torches on the last episode. Arin, today: *Hits reset* "This is fine. It'll be a refresh or whatever" Me: *s u g o i* Arin: Instantly misses two torches at the start. *I swear to fuckin god...*


  • Stop fucking around and just go around again and find them!

  • -Keeps missing torches -Spends 10 mins trying to go back to the teleporter when the last two torches were 2 rooms ahead -Calls Rings "Coins" 29:23 Arin moments at their core

  • wait that guy wasnt even the freaking boss what the heck

  • Precious minutes of our life are dwindling. The new Game Grumps catchphrase. Soon to be on a t-shirt.

  • 69k likes... nice

  • Man I love editor jokes. I know it's more work for whoever's doing the editing, but it adds so much joy to the videos.

  • Dan when Arin misses torches: Arin, you're missing torches. Dan when Arin missed two torches way before he started telling Arin: **talks about whatever with Arin**

  • 25:33 god if only we had Sonic Boom Knuckles.

  • “I can’t wait to go back to Disney.” Whhhhhy?

  • Alright Game Grumps Animated.....Anime Fast Food Mascot Brawl Showdown 2000 EXTREME NANI!

  • Like you thought that he's gonna lose it over 2 torches he missed last playthrough *sike* Arin hits restart accidentaly xd

  • Somebody has got to have said this already, but is no one going to make the connection of Espio with "Espionage?"

  • last two torches: exist lovelies: arin. ARIN. ARIN! AARRIINN!!!

  • Is ARIN fucking up on purpose to piss us viewers off????

  • About the whole "hearing about pooping" tangent....I wouldn't say that I would go out of my way to WANT to hear about it, but it is however, GUARANTEED to be relatable. So I guess I kinda take Dan's side on this ...If you deal with a lotta "other creatures" poop, than yeah don't really wanna hear about it....but what are the chances of THAT, right? ; )

  • You know what? It IS a phase, MOM! Show me a permanent state of self, MOM!

  • I love the first few minutes of each episode! The recaps are full of profanity and the censor sounds are fucking hilarious!

  • Using “aaaah the French...” for censuring Arins swears is as Game Grumps as it gets

  • Everybody was so excited about the torches Arin neglected at the end of the last episode, but he noscoped that problem right out the gate.

  • Arin trying desperately to glitch backwards into certain death is the one GG Sonic episode where I know I felt worse than Arin.

  • Still Loving Game Grumps 9 years later

  • Did mom and dad make up? I got really worried last episode 🥺

  • Oh man, I miss good content. The show. On the grumps. Dang backstreet boys! End your set already! Edit: Arin, we call the free coins/gems in arena "stonks"

  • I can't be the only one who legitimately gets upset after Arin dying the same way over and over, lmao

  • I took a hefty bite out of a Wendy's Jr. Bacon Chee the MOMENT Dan said, "People are eating."

  • I forgot that Arin was a legit voice actor until “OMAE WA MOU SHINDEIRU... NANI”

  • The constant character screaming and Futurama intro music is causing mental disorders.

  • As someone that works at arbys this is hilarious

  • Arin & Dan would love r/the_pack

  • Leave it to Arin to reset on accident, inadvertently saving him the time and pain of missing the very early torches he passed on the last episode, just to *pass the same torches all over again* like they're invisible to him. EDIT: The only reason Wendy's doesn't give him the same "problem" that Arby's does is because he eats too much Wendy's. His body has grown accustomed to that particular brand of garbage so it stops violently rejecting it. I know Arin is frequently wrong so this is no revelation but I just love how he believes his interpretation of the world is the same as everyone else's.

  • I went to take the shot I fired And I missed I had another shot So I fired And I missed again

  • Did Arin eat Arby's? Because he's shitting all over Arby's.

  • Killing it on that opening recap, man.

  • How did none of this put a bad taste in their mouth, has DDLC really broken them, Sayaka trying to kill pretty much everyone for her own needs, Leon spinning her murder attempt onto herself, and then getting stoned to death, and all this happening to children, goddamn

  • Anyone know how they're to finishing?

  • Bruh why do I always get the notifs for this series when I'm drawing sonic characters???

  • Arin burps too much...kinda gross and old after a few years

  • "In the amount of time I've spent doing this I could've just finished the level." *A c c u r a t e*

  • Did anyone else get an Arby’s ad after the vid or was that just me? 😂😂😂

  • So you guys know that after this he has to play Shadow the Hedgehog right?

  • There's so much to ears than the little flaps on skin on the sides of your head. There's an entire system for hearing inside your head. The skin flaps on the outside just help funnel sound in.

  • I knew Robot Storm would hold them up. Finally, Arin will now know how Power works on the canon.

  • Atl title Arin and Dan didn't grow up with a Wii so they don't know wtf they're doing.

  • This man is not a real sonic fan.

  • Dan's eyebrow scar flips every once and a while

  • After seeing the button shift down to Restart, I knew he was going to hit it.

  • Where did he get these puns from? I NEED TO KNOW

  • I would love to watch you guys finish Dark Souls Remastered, just saying

  • 30:45 "throoow me a baby"???

  • It’s so heartbreaking seeing Arin pass torches

  • Anyone else screaming "Use Vector" in the end?

  • The amount of torches skipped is too damn high

  • What somehow always baffles me about Arin is his near inability to work around a problem. He knows he can't go back to the level yet he spends so long trying instead of just carrying on and looking for the torches along the way.


  • Watching arin trying to go backwards when the two torches he missed were right at the beginning was the most frustrating thing I’ve ever watched lol

  • 12:00 Did Arin just try to quote the god damn Mario movie from the 90's? I can't be the only one who caught that, right?

  • It's a good thing that there was no jet launcher in that boss fight. Oh wait, there was one right by the cannon in view like 20 timez

  • Why Sonic Heroes? Just... Why? Have you guys played everything else there is?

  • 26:22 Did anyone else start to have a panic attack thinking Arin would miss these 2 torches again because he's trying to do a bit?

  • I know I ain't supposed to take anything they do or say seriously but was I the only one at least somewhat pissed at them seeing how hard they are trying to go back at the end instead of going forward and realizing the torches missed were at the start-ish?

  • Little does Danny know just six short years later a Space Jam movie would come out starring LeBron James 👏👏

  • Please put a #22 or some sort of episode count in the title, I have no idea which episodes are which ;-:

  • Dan: I used to be a T E A M B L A S T W A R N E R Now I'm a B U R N I N G T O R C H A L E R T E R

  • Okay but can we please get thumbails that are quickly identifiable as new game grumps videos? :/

  • What's the Spider-Man video Arin was talkin' about?